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Subject:Moses Lyman (1662-1701) and wife Ann
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The Richard and Sarah (Osborne) Lyman family can be traced back a thousand years….they came to the Americas in 1631…And, because there is so much documented on this family, I just cannot understand why NO ONE has any information about the wife of Moses Lyman (1662-1701)…WHY are the references so vague…I mean, I can find origins of all of my other ancestors, but HOW does anyone find anything about this “Ann…said to be from Long Island? She died August 15, 1759 and was married to Moses Lyman 1686…is my assumption possibly correct…maybe there are “reasons” they do not want her documented (like, was she an illegitimate child, adopted, or a child of rape…what other reasons could be considered where someone does not want their family known, especially seeing she (Ann) was marrying into a prominent family? She married someone else after Moses Lyman died and there is still a vague reference to her! In the course of a person’s lifetime, it is natural to speak of our past (childhood, experiences, people we have known, etc.)…Were these Puritans so opposed to even acknowledging someone’s “past” that they could wipe out a whole surname of an individual? I found a couple Internet references that her name was Ann Chauncey/Chaunsey…but, some Lymans have vehemently rejected that name without “proof”…Have is ever been found that certain families would be refused to be documented, and for what reasons? Any advice to help and point me in a directions to find this particular ancestor? Please advise. And, thank you very much.

My most reliable source is from page 308 of Genealogy of the Lyman Family in Great Britain and America by Dr. Lyman Coleman (Lyman Coleman, D.D.), 1872, where the entry states, as follows:
·       Moses Lyman,..., 1662-1701, b. in Northampton, Mass., Feb. 20, 1662; d. Feb 25, 1701; m. Ann........., said to be from Long Island.
o       Children, Fourth Generation:
1.       Ann, b April 3, 1686; d. young.
2.       Moses, 2d, b. Feb. 27, 1689; known as Captain Moses [THIS IS MY LINE]
3.       Hannah, b. April 2, 1692, d. young
4.       Martha, b. June 5, 1694; d. young.
5.       Martha, 2d, b. Sept., 1695; m. Ebenezer or Eleazer Bartlett.
6.       Bethia, b. April 23, 1698; m. Ebenezer or Eleazer Hawley.
7.       Sarah, b. Jan 20, 1700; d. young.
8.       Elias, b. Feb. 1701; d. young.
Only three of these eight children lived to adult age. He died February 28, 1701, aged 39. His widow m. Jonathan Rust. (they had two children)

·       Ann (Chaunsey) Lyman reference*:
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* 16944. Moses Lyman. Born on 20 Feb 1663 at Northampton, MA.42 Moses died at Northampton, MA, on 25 Feb 1701.42

In 1686 Moses married Ann Chaunsey, at Northampton, MA.2 Born ca 1662. Ann died at Northampton, MA, on 15 Aug 1759.

Ann, said to have been from Long Island.42

Children of Moses and Ann (Chaunsey) Lyman, born at Northampton:
i. Ann Lyman, b. 3 Apr 1686;
ii. Moses Lyman, b. 27 Feb 1688/9, d. 24 Mar 1762;
iii. Hannah Lyman, b. 2 Apr 1692;
iv. Martha Lyman, b. 5 Jun 1694; [NOTE THEY DID NOT LIST MARTHA 2ND, SEE ABOVE]
v. Bethia Lyman, b. 23 Apr 1698;
vi. Sarah Lyman, b. 20 Jan 1699/1700; and
vii. Elias Lyman, b. Feb 1700/1.