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I am not a Lyman, but my great aunt's husband was descended from the family, which is a short version of why I have a photo album in my possession where most of the pictures are actually labeled. The inscription is "Merry Christmas, Mother, with the love of Moses Lyman, Jr." Dated Dec. 25, 1863. I will scan in and send copies of any of the following photos to anyone who is interested. There are Lymans and others and I will put in a list of all the photos, some of which may be confusing since apparently there were many Moses Lymans. I'll put them in the order they appear in the album since that might help you decide if you want a copy.

1. Lt. Moses Lyman, 1863 (appears to be in a military uniform)
2. Moses Lyman
3. And his wife (sorry, this is how it's labeled - I think that #2 & 3 are the parents of Lt. Moses Lyman)
4. Ellen Douglas Lyman
5. Mary Lyman Wells
6. Phillip Wells
7. Moses Lyman
8. Holly Porter Lyman (child)
9. Sarah Day Holley
10. Alex. H. Holly
11. Porter Burrall (Burrell?)
12. S. P. Robbins
13. Fred K.Lyman
14. And his wife
15. Geo. W. Holley
16. Lilly Holley
17. Mrs. Maria Williams
18. Mrs. Maria Williams
19. Elizabeth Buell Lyman
20. Moses Lyman
21. Hattie Dexter Lyman (child)
22. Moses Lyman
23. John C. Holley
24. And his wife
25. Theodore Sawyer
26. And Alice Sawyer
27. Milton H. Robbins
28. Will. Burrall
29. Wm. (?) Williams
30. Moses (child)
31. Belle (child)
32. M. H. Robbins
33. Alice Lyman Sawyer
34. Isabelle Douglas
35. Will. Wlliams
36. Bert Williams
37. Lynde Palmer, 1860 (child)
38. Brooks family
39. Ed. Day
40. And his wife
41. Frank Wills
42. Moses Lyman

I started scanning these in and will finish the job if anyone is interested. It's a treasure trove for someone out there!