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"That the family came from the British Isles there is no doubt, but no actual record of their Old World home or history prior to imigration to America has been found."

Comments: Lusks came to America from Gernamy, Check Republik, and Dane as well. The origin of Lusks are Wends who lived on the North coast of Baltic Sea.

"A legend that persists in our branch of the family tells that the Norman Knight John came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. After the conquest, in recognition of his service to the new king, he was given a grant of land on the River Usk in Western England and Wales. He adopted the name of John Le Usk, which was later shortened to Lusk."

Commets: May be this is true,but definitly there were other Lusks who came to Ireland from Scandinavia and Germany, where Wends lived.

"A letter from the Honorable Hugh Lusk, East Orange, N.J. (a relative of Sir Andrew Lusk, M.P., of London, England), in the Flora Ward Lusk Collection, says:
'Of the history of the family itself before it came to America I can speak with more confidence.
'Originally, there can be no doubt, the Lusks were DANES, who came to the West of Scotland not less than six centuries ago and settled in Ayrshire, where they owned landed property until the death of my grandfather in the year 1846, when the last of it was sold....'"

Comments: the statement is true with addition: these Danes had Slavic roots. It is the well known fact that Wends had towns in Scandinavia.