Posted By:Vlad Luzgin
Subject:Re: Lusk being spelled Loosk
Post Date:July 27, 2007 at 15:34:15
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People are illiteral now. They do not know that the surname Lusk originates from Slavic words (and first names)lusk = lusch = lust = luzg or luska = luscha = lusta = luzga, which are related to latin luscus = 'one eyed man'
(root: luc or lux; with fundamental idea to glimmer), dannish luske = 'sneak around', Old French 'losche', etc.
You spell them that way, this is the correct spelling; but you say them 'loosk', 'loosch', 'loosta', 'loozga'.
When I was a small boy, I didn't know how to spell my Russian surname in English: Luzgin or Luzgin. My English teacher did not know too. And they wrote in my pasport Louzguine, probably in French. Thus, I'm Luzgin, but in my Canadian documents I'm Louzguine.

Lusks! Remember: YOU HAVE SLAVIC (Wends) roots.
Your gg----gfather lived on the North coast of Baltic Sea and spoke Slavic language.
Stop being 'cave' people! Vlad.