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Subject:Samuel Lusk - 1747-1792 - Augusta Co, Va - parents of
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Sorry to bring this up again, but maybe someone has found something new.

Who was the father of Samuel Lusk, Indian scout, b. ~1747 d. 1792, married to Susanna Stevenson? He was supposedly born in Montgomery Co, Va (how do we know that?) and spent most of his life in that area, although the area itself has undergone several name changes.

It is generally assumed that he is a grandson of William Lusk of Chester, PA.
William had the following sons:
       David, James, Samuel, John, William, Hugh
       **David inherited the farm and presumably stayed in PA.
       **James also stayed in PA, married a Mary, died about 1768. His sons were James, Patrick, William - no Samuel.
       **Samuel is a HUGE problem for me, because the accepted versions of his life do not make sense. He possibly married a Caroline, who is possibly also known as Agness: sons William, John and Samuel. Then he supposedly married another woman, Elizabeth; their sons were John, William, Hugh and Joseph. He possibly spent some time in Augusta Co, Va, and then moved to North Carolina, where he supposedly died in 1773 or so.
              However, the Samuel who is the supposed son of this Samuel is not my Samuel. This Samuel has a Rev. War pension application, and the facts of his life do not correspond to Samuel husband of Susanna.
       **John probably went to Augusta - there are several Johns there and it is difficult (for me) to sort them out. One John has sons William, John and James (this is supposedly William of Chester's brother, not his son); another John, the supposed son of Nathan, has sons James, William and Robert.
       ** William went to Augusta where he died and left a will in 1771. His sons were John, William and Joseph - no Samuel.
       ** Hugh went to Augusta, married a woman named Agness - no information on children.

So if my Samuel Lusk is the grandson of William of Chester, then his father would seem to be either John or Hugh. Does anyone have any information about these two men? (I do have excerpts from Chalkley's Chronicles, but they have not helped me with the families of these two.)

There are other possibilities however. In 1776, there was an Andrew Lusk in Portsmouth, Virginia petitioning for "compensation for doctor's bill incurred for treatment of wife and son severely wounded by Lord Dunsmore's men on 21 Dec 1775." Andrew is a name that reappears in my line. Who is this Andrew, and does he connect?

Also, there is a family story - not my direct family, but among distant cousins also descended from Samuel and Susanna - that a certain Sir Samuel Lusk received a land grant from the King for a large amount of land in (now) West Virginia. Could this mysterious person be the parent or grandparent of my Samuel?