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“(Sir) Thomas Lyte of Lytescary, Charlton Makerell, Somersetshire married firstly in February 1592 Francis, daughter of Henry Worth of Worth, co. of Devon and by her had issue:
Henry his successor.(bapt 1597)
Thomas baptized at Charlton Makerell in 1602.
John baptized at Charlton Makerell in 1604, became an indigo merchant in London,&Virginia.
William baptized in 1606.
Edmund baptized in 1609.” [from 1892 article, p. 75, in Somersetshire Archaelogical and Natural History Proceedings by H.C.M. Lyte]

Sir Thomas Lyte sent many of his children and grandchildren to Virginia.
Sir Thomas Lyte's eldest son Thomas died after returning to Plymouth from Virginia about 1629 [Colonial Records Project. Virginia State Library].
The second eldest son was Henry Lyte of Lyte's Cary, the heir to Lytescary, who stayed in Somerset.
Henry’s son Paul Lyte of settled in Barbados, and a second son, John Light (born about 1640) was called “merchant of Bristol, but actually owned an Inn in Bristol, (he did not leave Bristol)
The third eldest son was John Light, the Merchant of Bishopsgate (born 1606) left London in 1666 for Lancaster Co Virginia the same year of the London Fire and the Great Plague to live near his son George Light. John also traded by ship throughout New England. The immigrant of 1666 may have been John(b1639) son of Henry.
George Light (born 1626) son of merchant John came to Virginia in 1648 apprentised to Richard Lee.
The fourth eldest son of Sir Thomas Lyte, was Captain William Light of St Kitts plantation in Henrico co Virginia. William had plantations in Barbados in 1640. William transported many prominent families and their servants to Lancaster Co. Virginia including members of the Light, Carter, and Washington households.
The fifth eldest son Edmund Light (b 1609), or his nephew Edmund(b 1642), son of Henry imported servants into Virginia in 1680.
A Walter Light came to Lancaster Co. Virginia. His headright was traded for land adjacent to John Light.
Don't forget Richard Light of Sussex who settled in Barbados under Major Paul Lyte.
Burgess John Sidney of Norfolk Virginia was the son of Sir Thomas Lytes second wife Lady Constance Sidney.
Sir Thomas Lyte’s fatherin-law, George Huntley and the son of Sir Walter Raleigh, were partners in a Virginia plantation in 1613. Huntley was a member of the Virginia Company. Huntley bought Raleigh’s estate Boxwell about the time Raleigh explored Virginia in 157?
Constance Huntley Lyte grew up at Boxwell and knew many of the Virginia adventurers. I theorize that the Huntleys and Raleighs were goddparents to several of their children, i.e. Carew Raleigh, and Constance Huntley.
Issac Light of Warwickshire was a childhood friend of Raleigh [John Aubrey the biographer].
A history of the Island of Jersey in the Channel states that Raleigh selected men from Jersey for the exploration of Virginia, because the Channel Islanders maintained illegal seasonal fishing camps in Maine as early as 1500 and Cabot’s voyage. The logbook of an English Man of War confirms this tale in the mid 1500’s. An ancient Light family can be found among the Channel Islanders records, and a history of Jersey was published by a descendent of Sir Thomas Lyte.
It is no wonder that the Lyte family had a reputation as explorers as early as the Trojan wars. The great number of Sir Thomas Lyte’s children and grandchildren in Virginia are proof enough. His eldest son Thomas died after returning from Virginia in 1630.

A fella gets a good view standing on the shoulders of giants.