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Dear Renee,
Thanks, I am blessesd to live near several good libraries. I recently received photocopies of an article on the old Lyte house in Lytes Cary, Somerset England. I hope to put color pictures on the internet. There are wonderful fotos of the family hearth, the Great Hall, the Chapel (first built about 1286) by William le Lyt (pronounced like "little" in Norman language).
This article had a quote from a history of medieval life in Somerset about one of our ancestors, John Lyte in 1469. On April 9, 1469, John Lyte's wife was miraculously cured of a disease after praying to St. Joseph of Armthea. Read this, it is Middle English.

"The IX day of April, John lyght, gentylman,
Dwellynge besyde Ilchester at Lyghtscare,
His wyfe had upon her a fever quartayn,
By the space ofwo yere vexed greatly;
No medcyne nor phisicke that could do her remedy,
She prayed to St. Joseph to hele her of her payne
And promised thyder her offrynge devoutly.
Tha was she delyvered of her disease certyne."

-written at the Abbey of St Marys at Glastonberry about 1469.

Glastonberry in Somerset is the mythic site of the tomb of King Arthur, and the site of the first Christian Church in England in 67 A.D. by St. Joseph of Armathea. St. Joseph was the brave man who went before Pilate and asked to bury the body of Jesus. St Joseph is closely connected to the legend of the Holy Grail and the Shroud of Turin. The "secret" of the Shroud or Grail is that it symbolizes the unfolding mystery of the Word of Jesus Christ. It isn't a gold cup, it is the Bible.
It is comforting to know our ancestors were such devout Christians. One word of warning, many Christian Churchs find the story of St Joseph a heresy, since most of the legend is not in the bible. The legend, not the Bible, says that the site is the holiest earth in Britain, built 100 years before the first public church in Rome. The legend says that St Joseph so impressed the Druids with his teaching of Jesus, that the Druids converted (sort of) and gave St Joseph 12 Hides, which was land for the building of the first Christian Church.
The Druids were what we today call Pagans, and were very scary folks. The Druids protected the Christians, until St Patrick arrived about 500 AD. The Druids were the ones who gave us the Easter egg, which is a pagan not a Christian custom.
Lytes Cary opens after Easter each year, after the pagan holiday is over. The legend is all mixed up with King Arthur, and the pagan celtics. Some of it is pretty scary and heretical.
There is a nice site at

I found it using the InfoSeek search engine, which is faster to Britain and back.