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I am no expert by any means -- what I have is what I have gathered from researching other people's work on, rootsweb, etc. I was actually researching this family looking for a connection to my great great grandfather Anderson M Light (which I have not found yet but have not given up hope). What I have gathered will give you a good start. If I ever find a link for sure I will probably do some fact checking but for my purposes I didn't need to.

According to previous forum messages by Steve Light back in 1999 I think (and he sounds like he's a pretty good expert)it appears that this all started with William LeLyt DeCari back in England (I will list years & places if I know them), then next generations are William LeLyt & Marjory Blomwill of England, Robert LeLyte & Isabella DeDraycott of England, Robert LeLyte & Margaret Goathurst (d 1350) of England, Peter LeLyte & Agnes DeBlomvill, Edmund Lyte (d 1418) & Thomasia Carent, John Lyte (d 1453) & Agnes Aysshe (d 1453), Thomas of Okley Lyte (b: Okley England) & Joan Fitzjames (1453-1523), John Lyte (b Lytes Carey, Somerset, England d: 1512) & ? Fantleroy, Thomas Lyte (1468-Feb 1523) & Margory Drew, John Lyte (1498 Lytes Cary, Somerset, England - Jul 28 1566 England) m 1529 to Edith Horsey (1510 Eng-Aug 29 1566 Eng), Henry Lyte (1529 Lytes Carey Somerset Eng - 1607 Lytes Carey, Eng)(he was a botanist) & m Jul 1565 Frances Tiptoft (1549 Eng-1589 Eng)(I believe she was wife #2, mother of next gen - others were Agnes Kelloway & Dorothy Gover (5 sons & 8 dau between all 3 wives)(I think there is a wickipedia article about him that I read), Sir Thomas Light (1568-Sep 18 1638 Eng) & Frances Worth, John Light (1606 Eng - ?), now to the first to US -- George Light (1626 Eng - ?)(he got a land grant in 1648), George Light (1652 Eng - ?), John Light (1674 VA - 1736 VA) wife's name might have been Ann Lucia (1695-?). Then we come to John Light (1715 Lynchberg VA-Jun 28 1790 Antrim Parish Halifax VA) who married Bridget Greene (1729-1790) in 1745 Halifax VA. They had the following children: George Light 1739 VA-1774 VA, William Light (1740 VA-1819 Hawkins Co TN) who married Patience "Pasha" Dillingham 1742-1813, Hannah Light (1751 VA -?) who married John Brown, John Light Jr (1753 VA-1824 VA) who married Joanna Dickson (?-1806), Sarah Light (1754 VA -?) who married ? Childress, Agnes Light (1756 VA - ?) who married Joseph Moody and last but not least your ancestor Jacob Light (1739 VA - 1818 SC) who married Ann Russell (1737-1818) and they had the following children: Eben Light (1756 SC - 1805 SC who married Elizabeth LeBoon (1774 France - ?), John Light 1759 SC-1835 MO who married Ellen Ellender Light, Tyce Mathias Light(1769 SC-1826 Ind) who married Mary Catherine Moore (1774-1850), George Light (1771 SC - after 1830 Madison AL), Sanders Light (1772 SC - 1801 Jackson GA), Mary Polly Light 1774-? who married possibly John Jones, Bridgit Light (1776 SC-?Madison GA)who married James Devina, Jacob Light (1778 SC-1835 GA - first went to AL then GA), Temperance (1780 SC-?) who married James Newman, and Obediah Light (your line) (1780 GA-1849 GA)(he ran a ferry)(can't lay my hands on it but I think it was Madison Co but I'm not sure) who married Mary Moore 1782-1849. Their children were: Pleasant Green Light (1815 GA 1896 Yell Ark), Guilford Bird Light (1806 GA-1883 GA), Kindness Breedlove Light (1808 GA-1892 GA), Alfred M Light (1810 GA-1884 GA), Mary Light (1813 GA-1896 GA), Permelia Ann Light (1817 GA-? GA), Young Keller Light (1820 GA-1902 Yell Ark actually died in Bowie TX), Wiley Light (1822 GA-1890 GA), Meredith Light (1825 GA - 1901 Ala)who married Eliza E Light and lastly your ancestor John Russell Light (1804 GA-1858 GA)who married Christiana Morgan (1807-1894), they had Newton F (1833-?), Mary Ann (1835-?), John M 1839-1865, Daniel F (1840-1922, James M 1845-1862, Laura Louvenia 1845-?, Joseph Clinton 1847-1909, Benjamin Jackson 1849-1940, Alice Minerva 1857-1910 and your ancestor Pleasant Green Light 1837-Jun 21 1889 who married #1 Flora E mooney 1839-1883 & they had Almira 1858-1863, Charles C 1861-1889, James William 1863-1942, Jason L 1865-1951, Anthony Lee 1868-?, Mollie E 1870-1933, George O 1872-1973, Nora A 1877-1902 and wife #2 Adah Josephine Barnhill 1857-1911, they had Orville 1885-1963, Willie Isora 1887-?, Addie 1889-1922 and your ancestor Tennessee D Light Nov 28 1889 Walcott, Greene Co Arkansas-Oct 20 1973 possibly in Sedalia, Pettis Co, MO. Addie & Tennessee were twins. Tennessee married Sylvanus Perkins May 9 1906-Jan 1967. They had Orlando Demetrius 1908, Cecil Alexander 1910, Cecilia Muriel 1912, Edward Julius 1915, Clifford Eugene 1918 and Lloyd David 1927.

There are a lot of family names that are repeated in each of the original 4 brothers & 3 sisters naming. This was a common practice way back when but it sure makes it hard for those of us following to figure out who belongs to who. While trying to follow this original family I had to draw out a spreadsheet family tree to put the names under. The original families of these brothers descendents started out in VA, then some to SC, some to TN, some to MO, some to IN, some to TX, some to AL and some to GA. It gets very complex. There are some individuals on and following Tennessee Light that you may know Todd Light & Gloria Askey Kernes who may can share more info with you. This may get you started. Start with what your parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc remember or any family bibles you may have and then branch out. I can not attest to the above information being correct since I did not research it myself but relied on others. Be sure and go back to early forums in and read the entries written by Steve Light (think they are back in late 90's). The Steve Light listed in present day forum is not same man -- I tried that. The Steve Light that wrote those articles may no longer be living but I would love to get my hands on his research! Hopefully someone preserved it. He mentions a book he wrote "Lights of Virginia" and I can not find it but would love to have a copy or borrow a copy -- I'm still looking for my Anderson M Light (1827 TN-1885TX) Also read the forums for any of the names I gave you above -- there will be some little nuggets that may help you or give you someone to contact.

If you think I can give you any more info that you want let me know & I'll try or maybe tell you where you can find it. Good hunting and welcome to the wonderful world of genealogy.