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Dear Liz,

I do not have any resources for doing research in Calcasieu Parish. Where do you do your research?

The Calcasieu Parish court house and the Catholic Church records were destroyed in the fire of 1910.

My research on the families you are researching comes from Rev. Donald J. Hebert's Southwest Louisiana Church & Civil Records.

What you need to remember is that most of our ancestors were not educated. Some could not even write their names. The priest could only guess at the correct way to spell their names, and our ancestors had no way of knowing when mistakes were made.

In my own research, I have observed that an individual's name can change with each recorded event, from the time of his birth (b.), baptism (bt.), marriage (m.), burial (d.), and the birth of his children.

With reference to the name Janise, I went to the Social Security Death Index at and for my own index, I used the spelling most commonly used now-a-days. I do, however, type the names into the notes as I find them in my research.

I am a French-speaking native of Evangeline Parish and I read French. For the more modern terms, I have to use a French dictionary.

1. JANY, Jean Baptiste m. 18 Feb. 1867 Leonie LaFleur (Opel. Ct. Hse.: Mar. #3424)
Southwest Louisiana Church & Civil Records (SWLR), V. 8, p. 265
LaFleur, Leomie m. 18 Feb. 1867 Jean Baptiste JEANNIS
SWLR, V. 8, p. 284
Parents were not named. If you have access to Fr. Hebert's SWLR where you live, you can search by going back and you may find where they were born/baptized.

2. JANNIS, Marie Armance (Jean Baptiste & Leonie LaFleur) m. 31 Jan. 1882 Damon LeDoux (VP Ch.: v. 2, p. 373)
SWLR, V. 15, page 397
LeDoux, Damon (d. Louis & Louise Belaire Fontenot) m. January 31, 1882 Marie Armance JANIS (VP Ch.: v. 2, p. 373)
SWLR, V. 15, p.352
VP Ch: Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Ville Platte, LA (In St. Landry Parish at that time, in Evangeline Parish since 1911.)

Ville Platte is the Parish seat of Evangeline Parish. Evangeline Parish was carved out of St. Landry Parish in 1911.

Their Children:

LeDoux, Emma (JEMONIDE & HERMANCE JENNISSE) m. 27 Oct. 1908 Adam Vidrine (VP Ch.: v. 8, p. 125) SWLR, V. 40, p. 535
Vidrine, Adam (OCTAVE PAULIN & Marie Artemise B. Fontenot, b. 2 Sept. 1891 (VP Ch.: v. 6, p. 34) SWLR, V. 22, p. 432
Vidrine, Adam (PAULIN & Marie Fontenot) m. 27 Oct. 1908 Emma LeDoux SWLR, V. 40, p. 867

LeDoux, Josephine (dec. Damon & dec. Marie Armance JEANISSE) m. 17 Sept. 1907 Alcibiade Vidrine (VP Ch.: v. 8, p. 53)
SWLR, V. 39, p. 534
Note: I don't know which one of the children Alcibiade is.
Vidrine, Alcibiade (PAUL & Marie B. Fontenot) m. 17 Sept. Josephone LeDoux
SWLR, V. 39, p. 858

LeDoux, Louise (dec. Damon & dec. Marie Armance JEANNISE) m. 20 June 1905 (VP Ch. v. 7, p.114) Azeia Jacot Fontenot
SWLR, V. 37, p. 481
Fontenot, Azeia Jacot (Cadus Jacot & Louisa Chapman) m. 20 June 1905 Louise LeDoux
SWLR, V. 39, p. 277

The information I gave you in message #38 is the names, dates, and places as they now appear in my database. I select what I believe to be the best spelling for each surname and that is what I use in my index.

I don't have any of the additional names you listed as Adam's siblings, however, there are so many Vidrines, I no longer enter them into my database, unless there is a need to.

I do not have any of the additional children you listed for Damon LeDoux and Marie Armance Janise. I would like to have additional information on their children. I enter all the LeDoux's I can find, since this is my mother's maiden name and since there are not so many.

I look forward to hearing from you again.

Rosie Wells
Birmingham, AL