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Subject:Pierre BOURGEOIS+Olive MARTEL descendants' photos
Post Date:August 23, 2004 at 08:51:13
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Am searching for photos of decendants of Pierre BOURGEOIS+Olive MARTEL. This is the maternal side of our family and am trying to fill in the blanks in our albums on Webshots.
Do take a look to see what I have thus far. Of course, you're welcome to download any picture that fits into your lineage. Our BOURGEOIS tree is as follows:

m. Anne POIRÉ
Bar-sur-Aube, Champagne, FRANCE
m. Marie Josephte GARAND
1760.09.16 Cap-de-la-Madeleine, QC
m. Josephte BOUCAULT
1803.10.03 Sainte-Monique de Nicolet, QC
m. Olive MARTEL
1844.07.23 Sainte-Monique de Nicolet, QC
1- Pierre BOURGEOIS, b.1845.09.25* 1st m. Philomène GODETTE/GAUDETTE, 2nd m. Odélie/Odilie/Aurélie MARCOTTE in Sainte-Eulalie-de-Nicolet, QC;
2- Joseph BOURGEOIS, b.1847.08.19** 1st m. Alphonsine/Marie-Joséphine SMITH in Manchester, NH, 2nd m. Antonia PARÉ in Manchester, NH;
3- Hélène (1) BOURGEOIS, b.1849.08.10*;
4- Jean-Baptiste (AKA John/Johny) BOURGEOIS, b.1851.06.14* m. Victoire/Fictoria DUMAS in Sainte-Monique-de-Nicolet, QC. The couple moved to Manchester, NH;
5- Étienne (1) BOURGEOIS (twin), b.1853.07.02*;
6- Sévère (1) BOURGEOIS (twin), b.1853.07.02*;
7- Marie BOURGEOIS, b.1855.01.13*;
8- Norbert BOURGEOIS, b.1856.02.21*;
9- Louis Honoré Achille BOURGEOIS, b.1857.02.05*;
10- Adélaïde BOURGEOIS, b.1858.06.03*;
11- Louis BOURGEOIS, b.1859.05.28*m. Arzélie/Arsélie/Orsélie GÉLINAS;
12- Virginie BOURGEOIS, b.1860.08.04*;
13- Émilie BOURGEOIS, b.1861.12.31*;
14- Sévère (2) BOURGEOIS, b.1863.04.26*;
15- Étienne (2) BOURGEOIS, b.1864.05.08*;
16- Marie BOURGEOIS, b. 1865.01.13*;
17- Hélène (2) BOURGEOIS, b.1865.10.13*1st m. Louis DUMAS in Sainte-Monique-de-Nicolet, QC, 2nd m. Élie SINOTTE in Sainte-Monique-de-Nicolet, QC;
18- Marie-Claris/Clarisses BOURGEOIS, b.1867.06.17* m. Joseph MARTEL in Drummondville, QC;
19- Philippe BOURGEOIS, b.1868.11.18* m. Corinne/Carine BERGERON in Saint-Léonard-d'Aston, QC. The couple moved to Manchester, NH;
20- Évariste BOURGEOIS, b.1870.01.25* m. Rosanna LUPIEN in Sainte-Perpétue, QC;
21- Cléophas BOURGEOIS, b.1873.08.18** m. Marie CHARPENTIER in Saint-Zéphirin-de-Courval, Yamaska County, QC

* born in Sainte-Monique de Nicolet, Québec
** born in Nicolet, Québec