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==MASH Mistakes Seasons 1-11==
*In 1/1 MASH ignores the [[Pusan Perimeter]] of June-Dec 1950; MASH Also received a fictionus "Certificate of Merit 4th Class"-as also a ''Meritatirous Unit Commeration" in 4/24; in realty it would have received a [[Presidential Unit Citation (United States)|Presidential Unit Citation]].
*IN 1/3 and 1/4 MASH is under command of General "Wilson Spaudling Barker"; in 4/16 his name is given as General "Bradley Barker"; also the early MASH epsiodes tell that MASH is under the control of [[US I Corps]]-a unit which was in Korea 1950 to 1953-but not in the [[DMZ]] until the last year of the war!
*In 1/11 Major Burns has [[anemia]]-yet in 5/24 he is forced to give blood!
*In 1/12 Hawkeye descends into a foxhole in summertime; the only battle on Xmas in Korea was at the Chosin Resoviror-which was the coldest on record. {Despite this epsiode being Xmas 1950, Xmas 1950 is repeated twice-in 7/15 and 9/5!}
*In 2/10 [[Plot Hole]]-the sniper is recovering-after being hit by half a clip of .45 calibur bullets!
*In 2nd, 3rd and 4th season parts of epsiodes are cut out of syndicated versions-in:
**1/8 The Officers Latrine is blown up with Blake inside.
**2/10 Hawkeye & Trapper John dress Burns up as "General MacArthur";
**3/1 Steele making Blake and Burns salute him and being shot at and the anoucment of Steele new postion;
**3/22 Klinger's bribe to Blake;
**4/7 HAwkeye and BJ have the POW make Burns a fool of himself.
*In 3/4 Visiting General dies in Houlihan's tent and his body is found in ambulance after accident; during Korean War only 1 US General died in first year of the war-[[Walton Walker]] who died in a traffic accident in December 1950-not in a MASH unit. <small>—Preceding [[Wikipedia:Signatures|unsigned]] comment added by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 12:16, 23 April 2008 (UTC)</small>
**Major loses on baseball games: {Real game took place in October 1951-during which time neather Potter nor Winchester should have been at MASH!}
*5/3 Major Burns loses bets on NY Giants vs the Dodgers.
*9/6 Major Winchester loses bets on NY Giants vs the Dodgers.
**Saving a choking soldier:
*5/9 Mulcahy-with instructions from Hawkeye-saves a choking man from dying.
*9/1 Hawkeye tries to save a choking man from dying.
**Mulcahy saves a "life"
*5/9 Saves a choking man via instruction from Hawkeye
*9/2 Saves a Drunken dog
*11/2 Saves a camatose soldier from being buried.
**Potter's Friends
*5/17 Potter finds out old friend is incompent to lead soldiers.
*11/13 Potter finds out old friend is incompent to lead soldiers.
**Manipulate others into a fight:
*5/18 Burns manipulates Klinger and Zale into a fight.
*11/13 BJ manipulates Winchester and Houilhan into a fight
**Burns "suveniors"
*5/23 Houilhan finds a heirloom ring Burns tried to keep from her.
*6/2 HOuilhan finds a alarm clock Burns tried to steal from her.
**Winchester silk cloathes are torn:
*6/6 Winchester silk pajamas torn up by Hawkeye & Winchester
*7/8 Winchester silk shirt torn up for bandages
**Mulcahy and Black Marketers:
*6/18 Mulcahy and Klinger meet Black Marketeers for Penicilliin
*7/13 Mulcahy and Winchester meet Black marketers for sodium pentohal
**Winchester and guns in Post op ward:
*6/20 Gun pointed at Winchester
*10/5 Gun struggled with by Winchester
**Tent collapes because jeep is attached to tent pole: { a varation is an early epsiode when Hawkeye and Trapper John arrange HOulihan's tent to collapse on Houlihan and Burns}
*7/6 Winchester drives jeep attached to tent central pole
*10/7 Winchester in mess tent when jeep drives away attached to central pole
**Most Unpopular person at MASH 4077:
*8/10 Klinger for causing entire company to get food poisoning
*9/15 HAwkeye for playing tricks on Winchester
*10/7 Winchester for witholding newspapers and playing [[This is the Way We Wash our Clothes]] over the loudspeaker at night
*11/11 Winchester for snoring too loud
**Alcoholic going on the Wagon:
*3/9 Hawkeye and Trapper John go "dry" for one day and nearly drive each other crazy
*8/16 Hawkeye goes "dry" for seven days and drives everyone crazy while drying out
*9/15 Houlihan's friend goes "dry" for two days and gets the [[Delirium Tremens]].
**Arrogant visting Surgeon seen in: