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Subject:VMF-212 "Devil Cats" USMC
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My father, Lt. Col. Frank W. Daugherty Sr, Retired USMC, was a Fighter Pilot serving the USMC in VMF-212 "Devil Cats" in Korea beginning August 1950. He returned from Korea in the Fall of 1951 where he served at the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas. He was discharged in March 1952 and remained in Active Reserves at Naval Air Station, Marine Air Training Detachment VMF111,
completing a 28 year military career. He flew most models of Corsairs (F4U1 thru F4U5D).

(Previously he served in WW II in the NAVY SINPAC 3 Mar Airwing VMF in missions to Guam, Okinawa, Kwajawline, and others.)

Frank was heard broadcasting on the broad air channel that his plane had been hit. His F4U Corsair was shot in the gas tank by the enemy and had to glide in for landing on a strip in the mountains of Korea.

The word got out that Frank was a casualty of war. The word "unofficially" also got back to his wife in Texas that he had been shot down. His commanding officer had made contact with him on a private air channel, but because communication was shut down, couldnt relay that Frank was OK. They had to send a rescue squadron to pick him up and he wasn’t able to get back to his squadron in North Korea for 2 more days. Needless to say his wife was overjoyed when she heard he was OK.