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Subject:My Father is a Korean War Vet
Post Date:December 24, 2002 at 05:35:12
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My father served in the Korean Way in Korea. He married 1 week before shipping out (navy). He was 19 years old. He saw a lot of heart breaking "action."
He came home and jobs were scarce. By the time I was born, the 3rd child, he was 25 years old and working 3 parttime jobs.
Eventually there were 6 children.
Several years ago, when he was well into his 50s, he was laid off. This was scary, but he no longer had 6 little mouths to feed.
He went seeking a job, and was interviewed by a very young Human Resources man. On the application, my father said he was a veteran. He then could check the following boxes: World War II, Vietnam War, and Persian Gulf Conflict. He handwrote "Korean War."
The smart-aleck personnel man told my dad "That wasn't REALLY a war. It was just a police action."
My dad told him that he should tell that to all the widows and fatherless children from that era. And, thank you very much, but I no longer need to take any job I can -- keep your job. I don't want it.
We have not given enough recognition to those who served in the Korean WAR.
- Kathy