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Company I, 502nd Airborne Infantry Regiment. This Regiment is presently a part of the 2d Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division stationed at Fort Campbell, KY. A company consists of about 200 men commanded by a Captain. Companies are numbered alphabetically except there is no "J" Company. I do not believe the 502nd was in Korea

Battery A, 3d Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) and Automatic Weapons (AW) Battalion. A Battery corresponds to a Company in the Infantry. These AAA units were equipped with twin 40 mm automatic cannons (firing at a rate of 240 rounds per minute) mounted on a tracked chasis (like a tank) and with quad 50s (4 - 50 caliber machine guns each firing at a rate of 550 rounds/minute) mounted on a half track vehicle. In Korea they were left sitting in rear areas in case of an enemy air attack and, of course the enemy had no air. They were finally moved up onto the front lines where they were extremely effective in breaking up massive suicide enemy ground attacks. They were then redesignated AW or automatic weapons battalions. The 3d AAA AW Bn. was assigned to the 3d Infantry Division in Korea.

Battery A, 21st AAA AW Battalion - Same as for the 3d above except it was assigned to the 25th Division in Korea.

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