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Subject:Charles Carter/Cartter
Post Date:April 28, 2009 at 11:25:04
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I have a family story that I would like some help to prove or disprove. The story occurs during King William's War and has an explanation of the double t in Cartter. It states that Charles was a soldier serving on the Maine Frontier, and that during a sortie up the Penobscot river he was scouting ahead of the main force when he captured an Indian woman who was to signal the approach of the main force to spring an ambush. The story goes on to say that Charles got the signal from the woman, which was the lighting of a fire to mark the spot on the River to attack. He was supposed to then move the location of the fire and lit it causing the ambushing force to go too far and over a water fall. The story concludes that King William honored Charles with a second T in his last name to delineate his line from the other Carters. I would like to know if Charles was a part of a Ranging company since he was supposed to be able to speak with the Indian woman or if this story is pure fantasy. Thanks for any information provided.