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Subject:Mahala Lewellen Glascock
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I am the greatgrandaughter of Joseph Thomas Glascock, born Oct. 9, 1839. His family Bible shows his mother to be Mahala Lewellen. I recently received a copy of his death certificate from the Missouri Board of Health; it shows his mother to be Mahala Lewellen and father to Thomas Glascock. Information on the Keithley family shows that Mahala Glascock married William McEwing Keithley. The family Bible lists the birthdate of Artemecia Glascock as Feb. 19, 1842; dod listed as Jan. 19, 1921. Dod for Mahala is listed as Oct. 5, 1905. Clementine Keithley: dob--Jan. 25, 1849; dod--Oct. 13, 1860. H. Monroe Keithley: dob--Aug. 27, 1853; dod not listed. J. T. Glascock died March 26, 1934. I noticed indication that someone thought Joseph and Artececia were husband and wife. Joseph Thomas Glascock married Henrietta Byrne on Feb. 23, 1868. Many years ago my Grandmother prepared forms which show that Mahala Lewellen was the daughter of Sarah Hostetter Lewellen who was the daughter Polly Keithley Hostetter. I would like to receive dob, dod and marriage date for William McEwing Keithley's marriage to Mahala Lewellen. Also I would like to know dod for Thomas Glascock. In fact, I will appreciate all information, including burial sites.