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Subject:Deacon Thomas Judd ancestors back to 1300
Post Date:February 21, 2003 at 06:38:13
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As many may know from researching Deacon Thomas Judd (1608-1688) the book entitled Thomas Judd and his Descendants
by Sylvester Judd (published 1856) leaves the unanswered question as to who Deacon Thomas's ancestors were.

From using a variety of sources and piecing them together,
I believe the following *may* be his ancestors back to before the year 1300.

1) Ralph Judde Born before 1300 Tonbridge Kent

2) Thomas Judde Born before 1330 Tonbridge Kent

3) Thomas Judde Born before 1360 Tonbridge Kent

4) Thomas(?) Judde Born before 1390 Tonbridge Kent

5) ? Judde Born before 1425 buried in parish cemetary Tonbridge Kent

6) John Judde born circa 1450 died circa 1493 buried in parish cemetary Tonbridge Kent to the right of his Father
probate in Sept. 1493

7) Thomas Esq. JUDD born about 1480

8) William JUDD born about 1510

9) Thomas JUDD born about 1540, England died trevalga, Cornwall, England

10) William JUDD born about 1569 England

11) Deacon Thomas Judd (1608~1688) England~Cambridge Mass~Hartford,Ct~Farmington~Northampton Mass.

Here is how I've put this list together.
I started researching Sir Andrew Judde who was Lord Mayor of London under King Edward VI (Henry the 8th's son)
Sir Andrew Judde and his wife had a daughter named Alice
who married a Thomas Smythe around 1555.
I then started researching his family line and one of the best sites I found for that was here.

As you will note at that website, It has Sir Andrews father listed as John Judde (born 1450) and goes all the way back to Ralph Judde, born prior to 1300.

According to the Barstable Hundred of England, it mentions that Sir Andrew had a brother named Thomas and Thomas had a son named William. The above mentioned Smythe site also lists John Judde having had an oldest Son named Thomas,
with Andrew listed as the youngest. Sir Andrew was born
circa 1493.

In piecing this all together it appears that Sir Andrew *may* have been the brother of Thomas Esq. Judd (# 7 in my list above).
That would cross reference 4 different ways in that his brother was Thomas, Thomas's son was William, Thomas and Andrews Father was John Judde, and by Sir Andrews date of birth and his being the younger brother to Thomas. (Thomas born 1480 while Andrew was born 1493)

The following website makes this connection as well, but I think it's incorrect in that they have Sir Andrew being the Brother of the the wrong Thomas (Deacon Thomas's Grandfather)...when it appears that Sir Andrew was instead the Brother of Deacon Thomas's Great Great Grandfather.

I haven't reviewed the sources named in these individual webpages, but putting them all together, it looks like this may be the correct list of Deacon Thomas's ancestors back to 1300.

These are a couple other websites I used to help fill in the gaps.

There seems to be some discrepancy in the birth dates of Deacon Thomas's Father and Grandfather between these sites..and one has his Grandfathers date of Death as being the date he was Married on the other. But, the names match up.

The one biggest factor to this list I've put together being accurate is that Sir Andrew is the brother of this
Thomas. It just seems pretty likely though, given the 4 cross reference points I indicated above.

Hopefully all this makes sense. :)