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Subject:need help and information how to trace my aunt Sadie Weiss
Post Date:January 19, 2013 at 06:49:20
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I need your help to trace my aunt SADIE (Maybe DORA) WEISS,(Jewish),born about 1900+/- in today Slovakia but in those days it was Hungary.she left Slovakia for the USA, New York,about 1906-1920, she had a brother MAX WEISS born in 1882 and a sister Minnie(Merel) WEISS in New York, I believe that when her sister came to visit her parents she took her with her to new York. From information i gathered so far Sadie as she was known or maybe Dora ,got married and had 2 children a girl name helen, born around 1915 but not certain and a boy few years later, the lived in New York possibly, Kings,Bronx Woodside ,Flushing area,as her brother and sister lived there too . I have traced the daughter of Minnie Weiss ,who is living now in New York, she was the one who told me that my father had another sister name Sadie which i never knew as i was a little boy when my father died in 1960. I have searched the archive in Slovakia and have the birth certificates or other form to indicates the names of all the brothers and sisters and there is one in the name of Dora, so I believe that Dora maybe Sadie. However the daughter in New York does not want to give me any more information about Sadie for whatever reason. i have also traced the grandchildren of my uncle MAX Weiss, they too don't want to give me any information about him . all the information I gathered so far was through the generosity of all of you on this site. My father tried to contact his brother and sister after the second world war but his brother has replied once or twice and then my father letters have been return ,his sister has never replied to his letters , he died never knowing what has happened to his family in the USA , he was the only one who survived the holocaust ,all his other brothers and sisters ,parents and all his family died ,before he died ,we as little children promised that one day we will trace them to find out why they have ignored him. even today 62 years later their children and grandchildren don't want to do anything with me, I have no contact with them, the only thing i ask is for more information about Sadie Weiss. I know that they did very well in the USA and I can thing only on one reason why the brother and sister did not want to do anything with their brother in Slovakia . I don't want or need anything from them just information which they are not forthcoming ,which I believe they hold, so ,please if my 'family' can't or want to help me , maybe there is one among you who has the knowledge and the tools to trace her, and i will be for ever grateful.
Thank you

Martin Weiss (from Slovakia)