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I am starting research on ancestral history of U.K. Templetons using SNP and/or YDNA test results. I have so far identified five unique genetically related Templeton family groups – each of which I hope to track their migration paths to Britain’s 17th & 18th century colonies. Although initial emphasis will be on the N. American (Canada & USA) migrations. I will welcome info on Australia & New Zealand migrations.
       Those 5 groups cover five geographic areas (1) Ireland, (2) Wales, (3) England,(4) Scot Highlands and (5) Scot Lowlands/Borderlands. I’m hoping to convince Templeton cousins from around the world to join me in the search for the U.K. “cradle” of each genetic family group & their subsequent worldwide dispersal.
       To avoid getting swamped with enough data to “sink a ship before it leaves port”, I will use a 2-phase approach:
Phase 1 – Create a DNA database;
        Collect DNA (YDNA & hopefully SNP) from those cousins who        have already tested their        DNA and create a spreadsheet allocating each person to their        unique genetic group. Share        this spreadsheet with all participants
Phase 2 - Create a Geographic “Cradle” data base
       Collect earliest known pre-1750 ancestor & associated birthplace
Phase 3 – Create DNA data base with associated “cradles” (sorted by #’s of Templetons)
       Merge Phase 1 & phase 2 results
Phase 4 – Create migration paths of each genetic group
       Collect migration paths of each partipant & merge with phase 3 results       
It’ll be one helluva task, but if we can get a cousin from each geographic area it is hopefully doable. Join the fun