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Subject:MULLEN; Lawrence married Ellen Fearon/Ferrin in Ireland
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Anyone, anywhere, looking for these Mullen/Mullins family members; *parents-Lawrence m. Ellen Fearon/Ferrin, William, b. unk, Patrick (b.c1824), Dennis (b.c1830), Hannah Hart (b.c1837) and Lawrence (b.Jan.1840), all born in Ireland. Patrick & Dennis were in NJ...Dennis married Bridget Radigan/Ratigan (from Ireland) there and had their oldest child in 1863 before going to Missouri. Patrick and his wife Bridget (Cummings-from Ireland) stayed/stopped in Lexington Co., Indiana in 1853 to have their first child. Patrick and Dennis moved to Leasburg, Crawford Co., MO. Hannah (Mullen) Hart lived in Leasburg & St. Louis, MO with her husband Michael Hart. Lawrence lived in IN, then St. Louis, then Cuba, Crawford Co., MO and he married Lucinda Rhea. Patrick had Bridget Cummings (4 kids-last one died at birth and so did Bridget) then he married Nancy "Catherine" Davis (7 kids). Dennis and Bridget Ratigan had 11 kids. Hannah and Michael Hart had 3 kids. Lawrence and Lucinda had 12 kids. Roman Catholics. William came over and there is no information about him except he was killed over a card game June 14, 1849 in Keyesville, Missouri. Patrick and Dennis worked for the Frisco Railroad out of St. Louis, in Missouri, from early 1860's to 1883, plus farmed their land. Lawrence farmed his land and had several acres. Hannah's Mike farmed & was a coal dealer in St. Louis. We know of a John and believe we have found his descendants. There is word of Bridget who came to Crawford County, Missouri..."did not like it and headed back to New York. It is not known if she stayed in New York and married, went back to Ireland or proof. Also word of a sister Katherine who was in Crawford County, Missouri for a proof. Brother Thomas is handed down in written stories as being upset that they would all leave and not stay in Ireland. I have recently found a possible link to Thomas *Mullins*.
Lawrence told him and Lucinda's children that they "worked/lived" on an estate called or near Briefield. This estate I have learned was possibly called Winfield and was at one time owned by the Jameson family and was destroyed in 1921/22. Someone has to know of my Mullen/Mullins family, somewhere. I've worked on this for 27 years, just this April 2013. I can't believe no one is missing this many people from their family!
Thank you for your time and any and all help is most greatly appreciated. LiRae