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Subject:Re: Michael Whealy 1864 Parents John & Honora Shea
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Hello Elizabeth:

For Ann Whealy/Whealey B 1834 +/- 4 yrs, somewhere in Ireland, with a father forenamed James, I found 0 rcds.

For Mic(hael) Whealy M 1867 (exact), Co. Tipperary, I found 2 rcds, 1-civil, 1-church, both in Silvermines RC/CR parish.

For Johanna McNamara M ditto, ditto. These are highly likely to be for your ancestors. A view of the detailed rcds SHOULD confirm this. If so, the view MAY also show their parents' names.

For Ann Flannery M ditto, ditto. Ditto. Ditto.

For Mic(hael) Whealy B 1845 +/- 5 yrs, Co. Tipperary, with a father forenamed Pat(rick), I found 0 rcds.

For Edw(ard) Whealy B 1850 +/- 10 yrs, ditto, I found 1 church rcd, 1841, Nenagh RC parish. This seems too early a date to have married for the 1st time in 1869.

Co. Monaghan rcds haven't been transcribed and entered in the database yet.

For David WHEALEY M 1847 +/- 4 yrs, Co. Armagh, I found 1 civil rcd, 1847, Ballymore/Tandragee CI civil parish.

For Jane Martin M ditto, ditto. This and David's rcd are highly likely to be for these ancestors.

For Ellen Whealy B 1866 +/- 2 yrs, Co. Galway, with a father forenamed John, I found 1 civil rcd, 1866, Woodford CP. Again, this matches your criteria exactly. It is likely for this ancestor. A view of the detailed rcd SHOULD show the mother's name.

For John Whealy M 1856 +/- 10 yrs, somewhere in Ireland, I found 1 church rcd, 1852, Nenagh RC parish, Co. Tipperary.

For Mary Kelly M ditto, I found 1 matching rcd. Note - Galway is a long way from Tipperary. Also, the MARY KELLY name is extremely common. This infers the match may be a false positive.

For Johanna McNamara B 1846 +/- 4 yrs, Co. Tipperary, with the father's forename unknown, I found 0 rcds. There are 15 rcds within this range, but they are all in other counties.

For Mic(hael) Whealy B 1844 +/- 5 yrs, ditto, I found 0 rcds either in Co. Tipperary, or in any other county. This infers: 1) The rcd didn't survive (most likely). 2) The rcd
hasn't been transcribed. Or 3) the search range is wrong.
For Edw(ard) Whealy M 1869 ditto, I found 2 rcds, 1-civil, 1-church, both in Nenagh RC/CR parishes.

This is probably more than you expected. Hope it helps. Good luck.