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Subject:Re: Here I go a Ontong Hunting
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Ontong might mean kidney in one Indonesian language, but it could also be a dialect form of "Untung", meaning lucky. Hope it works for you. I speak Indonesian, but I don't think that is much use to you as most prewar docs were in dutch.(I can manage that to read only if you need help). Sadly, the Dutch were not much interested in their "inlanders" (natives), and I doubt there would be much information for you to find. If your ancestor had chinese blood, searching for relatives might help, as Chinese had ancestral temples, where the names of the clan were recorded. If he were Muslim, there may be mosque records (but I doubt it. Things don't last long in the tropics)
Indonesian genealogy is very difficult because of the lack of written records. Also, many tribla groups do not have family names (the javanese and sundanese-west javanese- among them), which makes follwing a line beyond living history very difficult, unless it is noble.
The Balinese can loosely link themselves into clans by the temples they worship at, but even that is falling apart in modern Bali.
The Batak of North Sumatra have clan names, and strict laws on who can marry whom (presumably to stop inbreeding), so they can easily establish clan ties, but not closer links, a bit like the Scots.
sorry I cannot be more helpful. Selamat mencari-cari! (Happy seeking!)