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Subject:Desc. of Julius Sharp (d 1846) of Rush Co.
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Would like to hear from descendants of the following persons who appear to be descendants of Julius Sharp (d. 1846 in

Rush County):

Cowger, William D., m. Gertrude Sharp, dau of Samuel W.
Cowger, Mary, dau of William & Gertrude
Elder, Eli H. (b ca. 1828); m 1850, Elizabeth Sharp, dau of Julius
Elder, Emma C., dau of Eli
Elder, John O., son of Eli
Elder, Mary Ann, dau of Eli (m John Ennis)
Elder, Nancy J., dau of Eli
Ennis, John A., m. Mary Elder
Ennis, Charles (b Oct 1879), son of John & Mary
Ennis, Leonia (b Feb 1894), dau of John & Mary
Ennis, William [Willie] (bSep 1886), son of John & Mary
Heifner, Edwin B. (later of Mishawaka, IN)
Heifner, Ralph L. (later of Gaston, IN)
Jones, Aaron (m. 1843, Mary Sharp, dau of Julius)
Jones, Cynthiana, dau of Aaron
Jones, Martha J., dau of Aaron
Jones, Reuben S., son of Aaron [marriage record indexed as Rufus], m. Gertrude Sexton
Jones, Samuel [M. or W.], son of Aaron
Long, Henry M., m 1878, Sarah J. Sharpe, dau of Samuel W.
Long, Herbert, son of Henry & Sarah
Long, Leona, dau of Henry & Sarah
Long, Ross, son of Henry & Sarah
Moore, George Barney Jr., m Dinnie B. Sharp, dau of Dayton
Moore, Otto, son of George
Moore, Forest, son of George
Moore, George Pawel, son of George
Nelson, Henry Harrison, m 1897, Ella Sharp
Rucker, Thomas H., m. 1868, Mary Ann Sharp, dau of Samuel W.
Rucker, Cordelia, dau of Thomas H., (b Oct 1870), m. Edward F. Lee
Rucker, Leander P., son of Thomas H. (b Sep 1882)
Rucker Thomas S., son of Thomas H. (b Mar 1875)
Schiller, Joseph (b Feb 1892), son of Edwin & Lizzie (Sharp)
Schiller, Mildred (b Aug 1894), dau of Edwin & Lizzie (Sharp)
Sharp, Adaline, dau of Samuel W.
Sharp, Alonzo (son of Samuel W.)
Sharp, Blount (son of Alonzo)
Sharp, Charles E. (b 1886), son of Dayton
Sharp, Charlotte, dau of Samuel W.
Sharp, Dayton (son of Samuel W.)
Sharp, Dinnie B., dau of Dayton (m George B. Moore Jr)
Sharp, Edward R., b Dec 1891, son of Dayton
Sharp, Ella L., dau of Dayton, m 1897, Henry Nelson
Sharp, Elizabeth (Lizzie), dau of Samuel W., m 1889, Edwin Schiller (bro of Charles)
Sharp, Emma Louise, b 1923-4, dau of Luther
Sharp, Everett M., b 1909, son of Blount
Sharp, Floriene
Sharp, George, son of Dayton (b 1880)
Sharp, Gertrude, dau of Samuel W.
Sharp, Henrietta, b 1906-7, dau of Luther
Sharp, Imogene
Sharp, Lestie [aka Leslie], b 1882, dau of Alonzo
Sharp, Lubina, dau of Samuel W.
Sharp, Luther C., son of Dayton
Sharpe, Marlin
Sharp, Mary, b 1905-6, dau of Blount
Sharp, Nellie M., dau of Samuel W.
Sharp, Samuel Welch, son of Julius
Sharp, Samuel W. [2nd], b 1893, son of Dayton
Sharp, Sarah J., dau of Samuel W., m? 1878 Henry M. Long
Sharp, Victoria Belle, dau of Samuel W., m. 1886 Charles Schiller (bro of Edwin)
Sharp, William, b 1906-07, son of Luther
Sharp, William, b 1917-18, son of Samuel