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Always verify the information yourself, by checking the microfilm. Some of these microfilms are very difficult to read, and there may be transcription, as well as typing errors, in this post.
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June 22, 1904
page 13.


COGHLAN-- Florence A. Coghlan. In loving memory of her death two years ago today.


BAKER-- Mary T., wife of Nicasius, June 21. Burial at Arlington cemetery Thursday, June 23, ? a.m. from 1596 Sacramento-av.

CANNON-- Celia, wife of Patrick. Funeral from ???? Aberdeen-st., Thursday, at 9 a.m., to St. ----an's church, 67th-st. and Center-av., by carriages to Mount Olivet.

CAPRON-- June 20, Charlotte Capron, aged 63. ------ June 22, 11:30 a.m., from Home for -----bles, Ellis-av. and 55th-st.

CLARK-- John, son of Rose and the late Phillip. Burial Thursday at 9 a.m., from 2918 Quinn--- to St. Bridget's church, thence by carriages ----ary.

??FRAN-- Charlotte. Funeral Wednesday, 10:30 a.m. Home for Incurables, Ellis-av. and 55th-st.

CUFFE-- Juner 21, 1904, at 5312 Armour-av., Bridget Cuffe [ nee Barnacle ], beloved wife of ---ard Cuffe and sister of Patrick Barnacle.----of Clare Morris, County Mayo, Ireland. Burial Friday, at 9 a.m., to St. Anne's church, where high mass will be celebrated, and thence by carriages to Mount Olivet.

CURTY-- Ida, wife of Thomas. Funeral Wednesday at 1:30 p.m., from 1425 Clybourn-av. Interment at Montrose cemetery. Peoria, Pekin, and ---ant [Ill.] papers please copy.

CURLY-- June 21, William D. Curly, son of John ?. Curly. Funeral Wednesday, June 22, at 9 a. m. from residence, 848 Walnut-st., to Our Lady of Sorrows church, thence by carriages to Calvary cemetery.

DICKINSTON--Elizabeth, at 209 S. Sangamon-st., wife of Ole. Funeral Thursday at 9L30 a. m., to St. Patrick's church. Interment at Mount ???mel (? Carmel).

DUNIVAN-- June 21, 1904, at 635 West 45th-st., Jermia A., beloved son of Hannah, nee Lucy, and the late Daniel Dunivan; brother of Margaret, John, James, and Michael. Member of local 196 Freight Handlers. Aged 23 years 3 months. Funeral Friday at 9 a.m. to St. Gabriel's church, where high mass will be celebrated, by carriages to Mount Olivet.

HITCHCOCK-- Jane Eliza, June 19, 1904, widow of the late Rev. Luke Hitchcock, D. D., of acute pneumonia, in her 86th year, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. Crane Wilson, 4613 Drexel---. Funeral at late residence, Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock. Burial at Rosehill.

HODLOW-- Alfred, in his 20th year, beloved son of Mrs. Cordelia Hodlow. Funeral from late residence, 6606 Evans-av., to Christ church, cor. 65th-st and Woodlawn-av., this [Wednesday] afternoon at 3 o'clock. Interment at Oakwoods.

??HNSON-- Mrs. Mamie, daughter of Catharine -- June 20. Funeral June 22, 12:30 p.m., from -- Oakley-av., by carriages to Forest Home.

??CKEY-- Mary Jane, wife of Amon, 387 S. ----av.

KELLOGG-- Mrs. George P. Kellogg of Winthrop Harbor, Ill., at the residence of her sister, Mrs. -. -. Hoyt, at Winnetka, at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 21. Funeral services will be held at Winthrop Harbor, Thursday at 2 p.m.

KRUEGER-- Fred, son of August Krueger. Funeral from ?1 (3 or 8) Concord-pl., Wednesday, at 2 p.m. to Mount Rose cemetery.

-OELLER (? Moeller or Koeller ?)-- Ada L., June 20. Funeral from late residence, 884 Southport-av., Thursday, June 23, 9 a.m. Interment at Elmwood, C., M. and St. P. train. Leaves union depot at 10:40 a.m.

MUELLER-- Mark Lloyd, son of Paul S. P. Mueller and Cornelia Muller [ nee Boettner ], born Nov. 24, 1903; died June 21, 1904. Funeral from late residence, 2185 Clarendon-av. Funeral notice later.

NETCHER-- Charles Netcher, June 20, 1904, beloved husband of Mollie, and father of Charles ?. Townsend, Ethel, and Irving. Funeral from late residence, 4427 Drezel-blvd., Wednesday, June 22, at 1 o'clock. Burial at Rosehill.

O'CONNELL-- Mary, wife of John. Funeral from 7?6 W. 26th-st., Thursday, at 9 a. m., St. Paul's church, thence by carriages to Mount Carmel.

POTTER-- Ellen Owen, wife of Orrin W. Potter, entered into rest Sunday, June 19, 1904, at Lake Geneva, Wis. Funeral services and burial at Graceland cemetery Wednesday, June 22, at 10:30 o'clock. Strictly private. Friends kindly omit flowers.

SCHOCK-- Frederick F., son of Frederick R., and --ra F. Schock, aged 10 years and 6 months. Funeral 10 a.m., thursday, from his late home 5803 (?Midway) Park, Austin, to St. Catherie's church. Interment at Forest Home.

SCRIPPS-- William H. Scripps, at Astoria, June 21, 1904.

SHANAHAN-- June 21, at 1128 W. 48th-st., Peter, husband of the late Ellen.

SPRINGER, Wellin, June 19, husband of the late ----. Funeral from 4746 Rockwell-st., Wednesday, at 11 o'clock. Waldheim cemetery.

STEVENSEN-- Anna, wife of Louis, Monday, Funeral 2 p.m., Thursday, 958 Hollywood-av.

STURM-- Carrie, Monday, 2 a.m., at Glenlord, Mich. Funeral, Chicago, Wednesday, at 2 p.m., from Grand 9or Grant) Crossing to Oakwoods.

VALENTINE-- P. Lillie, wife of Wm. R., June 22, Interment Sunday , June 19, Graceland. New York, Cincinnati, and Boston papers please copy. (I think the death and interment dates were mixed up, and paper should have said died June 19, Interment June 22.)

WAGNER-- Kate, wife of Henry J., daughter of --nna Jenen, sister of Mrs. A. a. Biggers, - - Wagner, John, Henry, Maggie, and Nieh---. Funeral from late residence, 5721 Emerald-st, to St. Martin's church, thence to St. Boniface.

WILSON-- Frances Huntington Wilson, wife of Benjamin Mairs Wilson, and mother of Hunting--- Wilson, on Tuesday, June 21, 1904, at her residence, 135 Lincoln Park-blvd. Funeral services at St. James' church, on Friday, June 24, at 2 p.m. Interment at Graceland.

WOOD-- Alice May, daughter of Maj. Robert ---- Wood and sister of Miner R. Wood, at her residence, 5434 Kimbark-av., Tuesday, June 21. Burial in Joliet Thursday, June 23. Friends kindly omit flowers.


The County Clerk issued permits to wed to the following couples yesterday, the parties living in Chicago where no place of residence is given:


Morris Lipsjitz, Rosie Bernstein..27-20.
Bayard Stevenson, Isabel Bowker..28-24.
Herman J. Witte, Regina E. Bogner..41-29.
Biagio Marino, Rosie Calato..22-18.
Harry Berman, Tillie Shapiro..27-23.
Daniel Pearson true, Daisy Virginia Wilson..28-25.
Julius Strumel, Franciszka Peltrocziewicz..27-18
John A. Birkl, Milwaukee, Wis.; Hattie Linkman, same..28-24.
John A. West, Mayme Brayshaw..22-19.
Charles Kinne, Fleta I. Chandler..21-19.
James M. Bryant, Anna Wold..35-19.
Joshua Shilvock, Hannah Johnson..23-20.
William Frank Elliott, Alice Bourin..22-21.
Albert Carlson, Anna Larson..25-21.
Peter John Rox, Adena A. Carlson..27-21.
Janos Ciscon, Weronika Vour..25-20.
Harry L. Butler, Eva Fuehser..30-25.
Chrles S. Rowe, Joliet, Ill.; Margaret Powers..25-21.
Christian Magerle, Julia Hozan..47-43.
Henry Ruzsiewka, Prockerknott, Minn.; Julia Obnezorg..27-26.
George Stillman Browning, Alma, Mich.; Margaret Myrtle Goodrich..30-25.
R. Charles Rada, Helen Nivotny..26-22.
Charles S. Cook, Margaret B. La May..33-31.
William Sieloff, Augusta Kramer..31-24.
Adolph Hermonwicz, Karolina Jezucki..38-28.
James L. Gaston, Charlotte Runnion..25-20.
William L. Tallon, Mary E. Reilly..23-21.
Louis Stegmiller, Mamie Rogers..22-2?.
John D. Donohue, Mary L. Lynch..25-18.
John E. Letemeyer, Cincinati, O.; Cecile Katzenstein..33-28.
Charles Doubek, Annie Mottel..27-30.
Victor T. Malmgren, Julia Alvida Carlson..33-20.
John M. Weber, Louise M. Steffens..30-30.
Joseph Grohe, Gertrude Luckgen..21-20.
Harry Thomas Jr., Mary K. Frasch..27-19.
Edmond Glover Osborne, Myrtle Edith Smith..22-19.
William B. Johnson, Madison, Wis.; Rose B. Heffner, same..27-17.
john Leska Jr., Anna Brejcha..25-21.
Albert J. Kaitschuck, Chrlotte Winter..26-22.
Thomas Doherty, Annie Lyman..24-24.
John F. Keller, Christine Hartman..24-19.
Harry Wilkus, Rose Gittleman..30-25.
Jan Kuo, Waleria Rohinek..23-18.
Swante William Ohlson, Augusta M. Pehlson..21-18.
Michael Long, Nora Shanahan..26-26.
George Drake, Florence Westphal..28-30.
Abe Bass, Dora Edelberg..27-23.
Joseph Haberzetl, Crown Point, Ind.; Rosa Huppenthal, same..26-23.
Robert G. Carls, Deartown, Ill.; Marie L. Allen..26-18.
George Boehm, Bertha Hardow..29-21.
Hugo Pelzin, Minnie Boehr..23-21.
Emil Walter Johnson, Edna Letida Mercil..27-22.
James Poorley, Annie Rehm..25-23.
Charles H. Hall Jr., Bertha H. Hummer..25-21.
George Henry Anderson, Clara Mae Isler..22-21.
Colin Gearing Wolbanks, Eba Mae Berry..31-18.
Frank Higgins Johnson, Helen Lyons..22-18.
Michael Schaack, Annie Upton..37-30.
Harry Brust, Bessie Sneletsky..21-20.
Benjamin Levie, Alma Weil..24-3.
Myer Rubin, Lena Berlin..24-22.
Paul A. Dratz, Harvey, Ill.; Cora May Lenox..27-23.
Gustaf A. Hoegren, Hannah Olivia Anderson..28-24.
William R. Moulds, Blanche Patterson..24-22.
George Lewis Watson Jr., Margaret E. Patterton..26-24.
James V. Gibbons, Katherine Geiser..28-23.
Walter A. Grutschow, Catherine Annie Johanns..20-21.
Samuel Finn, Ellen Dunn..30-21.
Ernst Arlart, Anna Bauman..31-28.
Michael Bielow, Katarzyna Mikus..24-21.
George Shea, Belle Bauden, Toronto, ont...25-23.
Nickolas Rosmus, Katarzyna Pihorschata..26-18.
Martin W. Grosse, Harlem, Ill.; Ottillie Mueller, Oak Park, Ill..29-22
Arthur L. Carlson, Emily E. Sundell..22-20.
Andrew C. Powers, Rose E. McGinnis..45-32.
Harry l. Roy Harner, Jane Harbison..33-25.
Max Hagedorn, Anna Johnson..23-19.
Louis H. Winge, Grace M. Montgomery..23-21.
William T. Hogan, Mary E. Braun..35-26.
John L. Beer, Blue Island, Ill.; Minnie Groskopf, same..25-21.
Herbert Beliford, Flora M. Leaverton..25-21.
Alex Omaschik, Zuzanna Dirbasz..26-22.
August E. Nero, Clara Josephine Nelson..33-23.
Michael O'Donnell, Mary Berry..38-25.
Harry E. Pashley, Josephine Nusbaum..27-21.
Ned R. Wilson, Margaret Ziegler..24-19.
Walter Bergmann, Helen Jeruzal..23-20.
James Buckley, Mayme Pintle..23-19
Lyle Marion Stafford, Mary Kingsley Dempster..23-23.
William Dowar (or Dewar), Julia McCarthy..26-22.
Oscar Olson, Laura A. E. Klingspar..26-28.
John J. Malone, Maud N. Baker..35-30.
Edward L. Griebel, Desplaines, Ill.; Anna A. Mueller, same..23-20.
Edward H. Heldorn, Ellen H. Hogstrom..26-22.
Edmund C. Garrity, Mary E. Degnan..25-22.
William E. Heaver, Mary Rodger..24-22
Patrick McCarthy, Mary Kelaher..25-23.
Oscar Hegyl, Zora Medved..27-18.
Samuel Hartmann, Jessie May Adams..33-23.
Clinton Lawson, Christian Meblie (or Mehlie)..25-25
Walter John Scott, Margaret K. Hume..21-21.
Elmer Hill, Harvey, Ill.: Anna Austin, same, 21-17.
Frank D. Corcoran, Ella Bradford..23-21.
William J. Galloway, Margaret Cameron..35-25.
Gust Van De Castello, Ada Abt..28--22.
James Dwyer, Margaret Calahan..21-18.
John Grant, Mary A. Hickey..33-29.
Frederick A. Amborn, Fort Madison, Ia.; Alta M. Ferrell..38-24.
Andrew Daly, Kate Daly..27-22.
Edward P. Campbell, Anne Kenny..32-30.
George W. Noble Jr., Vivian Hennigar..21-21.
Joseph Dore, Mary Thorne..24-20.
Johan Zawadski, Mary Karasek..39-38.
Peter Smith, New York City : Blanche Archer..28-26.
John Peterson, Myrtlle Haehnel, Montague, Mich..27-23.
Nicholas Arl, Bertha R. Louistin..27-26.
George J. Harris, Nettie Fletcher..22-22.
Thomas Leonard Gatke, Mary Campbell Thompson..24-26.
Walter B. Longyer, El Paso, Tex.; Anna W. Baylis, New York City..40-31.
Charley Most, Fronica Inglert..30-26.
Joseph Callahan, Helen Regan..24--20.
Karl Phipman, Nennah, Wis.; Mary Esh..50-40.
James E. Smith, Sunola Ward..23-21.
Jacob Workman, Grace Zwart..22-23.
Jacob Hudzik, Chicago Heights, Ill.; Bronia Zielska, same..28-20.
Edward L Dolan, Anna McGrau..32-28.


June 23, 1904.
page 13.


CHAPPELL-- June 22, Charles H. Chappell; aged ?3 years. Funeral from his late residence, 3657 Michigan-av., Friday, June 24, at 1:30 p.m. Interment at Oakwoods.

DENCER-- Mrs. Margaret, June 21, at 874 W. ---st. Funeral Thursday, 1 o'clock, by carriage to St. Boniface.

FARRELL-- June 21, at 4101 Indiana-av., Michael, husband of the late Elizabeth. Funeral Thursday at 9 a.m. to Holy Angel's church, thence by carriages to Calvary.

FINLEY-- Ann. Funeral Friday at 9:30 a.m. from 3649 S. Paulina-st, to Our Lady of Good ---ncil church, thence by cars, D., M. and St. P. R. R.., to Calvary.

?ENNINGS (? Hennings)-- Annie, wife of Henry H. Funeral Thursday at 1 p.m. from 242 Augusta-st., by carriages to Mount Olive cemetery.

?OLSLAG (? Holslag)-- Mary, wife of Gene, June 22, 871 N. ---fram -st.

HUGHES-- Bernard, son of Patrick and Margaret. Funeral Thursday at 9:30 a.m. from 5141 ----av., to Visitation church, by carriages to Grand Trunk depot, to Mount Olivet.

KELLEHER-- June 21, 1904, Jennie, wife of William A. Funeral from 1769 E. 90th-st., at 9 a.m., June 23, to St. Joachim's church, thence by carriages to Mount Olivet.

KLAWANS-- Bertha, wife of William Klawans. Funeral from 13 Newberry-av., to the Free Sons cemetery, Thursday, 12:30 sharp. New York papers please copy.

LANGE-- Charles, son of Mrs. Maria Lange. Funeral Friday at 12 m, from 1257 Lincoln-av. to Eden's cemetery.

LA VALLE-- Henry, husband of Anna, June 20. Funeral at Forest Home.

LEONHART-- Richard, June 21, son of Fred ad ----. Funeral from 934 W. 35th-pl., Friday at 10:30, by carriages to 49th-st. depot, by cars to Mount Greenwood.

MABBS-- John, June 21, at his residence, 541 W. ?7th-st., aged 81. Funeral 1:30 p.m. Friday from Pilgrim Cong. church, 64th-st. and Harvard-av. Burial private.

MUEHLLER-- Mark Lloyd, son of Paul F. P. Mueller and Emilia Mueller [ nee Boettner ] born Nov. 24, 1903, died June 21, 1904. Funeral from late residence, 2185 Clarendon-av., Thursday, June 23, 3 p.m., to Graceland.

PARBS-- Henry C., husband of Henrietta, June --, ?72 W. Ohio-st., Chicago. Baltimore and Ber-- papers please copy.

QUINN-- At 6841 S. Halsted-st., June 20, Con E. husband of Harriet A. Burial at Lena, Ill.. Thursday, June 23.

SCHOCK-- Frederick F., son of Frederick R., and --- F. Schock, aged 10 years and 6 months. Funeral 10 a.m., Thursday, from his late home, 5803 Midway Park, Austin, to St. Catherine's church. Interment at Forest Home.

SCHUETT-- Mary Louise, June 21, wife of A. J. Funeral Thursday, 9:30 a.m., from 2038 Claren---av., to St. Mary's of the Lake church, thence to St. Boniface cemetery.

SMITH-- June 21, Eliza May, daughter of Thomas and Eliza. Funeral Wednesday at 1 p.m. from 255 W. Congress-st., to Forest Home. Bristol [ England ] papers please copy.

ST. CROIX-- Rosa May, June 21, at 8818 Loomis---, wife of the late W. J. Funeral Thursday, at ? o'clock. Mount Greenwood.

WHITE-- At Hotel Metropole, June 21, Mary J. widow of the late Charles B. Funeral at 3928 Grand-blvd., Thursday, at 10:30 a.m. Burial at Grand Rapids, Mich.


MARRIAGE LICENSES. (Partial list).
(these are dates the license was applied for-- not the date of the actual marriage.)

Henry Dryfhout, Henrietta Opt Holt..26-22.
Pasquale Pellettiere, Filomena Fanella..48-40
Arthur Pettibone, Margaret Mary Frances Ryan..18-17.
Rollin A. Smith, Alice E. Gilbert..22-19.
Philip W. Mothersill (or Motheraill), Zian City, Ill., Rachel B. McKenzie..26-25.
William H. Shapaker, Minnie A. Wetterberg..28-25.
Charles Long Slitesman, Allie Birginia Thatcher..39-24.
James R. Kiernan, Genoa, Ill., Mary Casey, 40-33.
John W. Larkin, Milwaukee, Wis., Grace Phillips..24-21.
William A. Collier, Chanton, Ala., Maggie L. Carter..59-24.
Edwin T. Miller, Hayes, S. D., Bertha May Lipton..30-27.
William Austin Bradford, Springfield, Ill., Clemence Crews..28-25.
Dellep Sievers, Jennie Evelyn Searl..38-26.
John W. Brennan, Emma Kapelski..30-20.
Harry Barnett, Lena Sternitz..31-23.
Peter L. Traub, Evanston, Ill., Catherine Meyer..27-27.
Conrad H. Hammerer, Blanche Irene Cister..26-21.
Leslie C. Wiswell, Cora Van de Roovaart..22-20.
John F. Gilleran, Harriet Blanche Brown..30-25.
Frank L. Boyd, Lulu Mae Smith..31-23.
Barney Kearney, Neilsville (or Nellsville), Ill., Johannah Lantz..53-47.
Louis Baeder, Wilhelmina Burglund, Boston, Mass..30-29.
Frank L. Rairdon, Wa?kins, Minn., Dora Blasdell..28-28.
Fred J. Schuttler, Emily Frances Austin..25-22.
Harry Scheibel, Anna J. Schreck..26-26.
Daniel Cheney, Montague, Mich., Emma Burns..27-24.
Harry W. Kennedy, Mayme Farrington..??-28.
Oscar L. Swanson, May Lillian Pritchard..26-26.
John D. Young, Margaret C. Smith..21-18.
Benedict Maier, Eva Weiser..39-25.
Tony Kurnyta, Mary Jawor..23-22.
James Harry Levis, Nebraska City, Neb., Jessie May McLeod, Lynn, Mass..28-28.
Charles F. Wodrich, Oak Town, Ill., Clara Gums..28-19
(my copy ended here)