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^Winding down to the CountDown for the Grass/Fox Investigation Analysis^^ per Mr Ed Wilson's latest findings

have finished review of the packet rec'd from the gov
--they said they sent 584 pages--net out to 539
--several major developments--to me--astounding

--in that appears mr grass fathered a child with/by raney riddle
--as you remember--per deposition by her son from prev marriage--wm elliot riddle
--per him--jw grass was a drunkard and abusive--raney left him after several months (marriage july 1864)and mr grass was supposed to take care care of the divorce

first the child
2 of the jw grass & mary fox daughters--maggie and sarah
--both stated on their depositions their father jw grass and raney riddle had a child--a boy
--maggie said he burned to death
--sarah had no idea what happened to him
--per raney's son--wm elliot riddle--yes
--a son was born to mr grass and his mother raney riddle
--named charles grass-died in a fire at abt 2 yrs of age
--this was his younger half brother
--i did not report this fact until i had chance to dble-check all depositions to see if the birth was collaborated elsewhere in the packet i received
--yes it was--so another child by mr jw grass

also located depositions by/from 2 cousins of mr jw grass who lived in the area
--both confirmed jw grass wife mary fox kennick was sometimes called polly and both confirmed her time and place of death
--one commented--will quote passage from her statement
"heard-----"peter(mr grass's nephew)----say that he had been assisting uncle jim get a divorce (he got several after wife mary fox died may 2-1898)
--he used to laugh and say--that any woman who came along with a handful of oats could lead him right along with her"

--in 3 instances the government was concerned with lack of a divorce record
--grass-riddle--they even sent one of their investigators not only to search vigo county records but surrounding counties in an attempt to locate said divorce
--result--nothing-in fact one report--dated 1912--had comment--"guilty of bigamy"
--but as mr grass was not literate
--no paper trail from him
--ended up--he said-divorced-no record found

should note that i prev stated that mr grass may have married a raney riddle--age 13 in 1864 and if true her parents may have had annulled
--that possibility is no longer a option as per multiple depositions

--mr grass married a widow named raney riddle in july 1864
--she left shortly after (pregnant it now appears) for him being a drunkard and abusive
--he meets up with another widow
--named mary kennick
(we have 3 or 4 possibilities on her married name)
--kinnon-mckinnon-kennon--but kennick is on the 1867 marriage cert which was after the birth of their first 2 children
--he got her pregnant--jan 1865--while she was a domestic in a local wealthy mans home--he was a hired hand working nearby--first child born oct 1865-confirmed by bc/dc

--all this from the depositions--3 daughters--2 cousins
--raney riddles son-widow & 6th wife katie grass in 1927

summary in this area
--widow kennick?? with maiden name fox--married james wilson grass--and per all info to date
--she was local-edgar county ill/greene county indiana
--son william t grass marriage app-1908--stated greene county ind
--all stated she was white--NO native am-NO negro-NO melungeon--just a WHITE girl from greene county indiana

mr grass
--full name--he went by james w grass-per the army
--his given name was--james wilson grass
--as was the name of their first son--james wilson grass who died when he was coon hunting--killing he and his dog--abt age 19y
--where-how-who claims him middle name was william--sorry that is not correct

what next
--prob 3 postings
--1st-on the son--william t grass 1877-1916--expect (hope) his records tomorrow
--i authorized a private party to go to the gov records dept-check out his-file
--use on site reproduction machine (they have clicker--you pay by # of copies)
--run a copy of all paperwork--fwd to me via priorty mail
--said he mailed (said big package) late on 6-16-2005
--missing 2 sheets in different area-will get those next week--could cost me some extra $$
--he charges by the hour--but i need to wrap up this project

2nd posting
--one that will probably irriatate some people as being insensitive but certainly not my intention to construe
--that being-what is origin or basis of family story that (it) "--must have indian or negro blood--"
--not a easy subject to cover--but to me should be addressed
--as we live in a imperfect world with all attendant biases and in the 1860's maybe even more so
--but will try my best--framework is done--need to finish son's review

and last posting
--will be short sweet summary
--then--we the grass-fox team will undertake the task of challenging multiple incorrect postings
--i've personally reviewed over 200 posts on various forums and checked websites and to me--many are just plain wrong
given all the documentation and valid records we possess

--depending on the son's middle name--end result will be
--all incorrect--posts--forums/websites-get-deleted or corrected--poster's choice

thanks again for your time always welcome questions and comments
regards to you & yours ed wilson