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Hi Richard,

I'm including the following on chance you might not have it: Notes in brackets only [ ] are mine and not part of the record.

The data given here are based on letters of Hannah's descendants, to Cass K Shelby.
Mrs Ann Wohlhueter of Dale City, VA, is a decendant of Hannah's sister Charity, who married Henry O Morris.

Letters from Mrs Frank L Moss, of Paris, IL (CKS always refers to her this way] CKS made typed abstracts of these letters, as he did everything, in his research papers. With rare exception, nothing in his papers are originals- those may have been retained by the family.]

7 Feb 1928......"Grandmother [Hannah] says she moved to Chillicothe [OH], thence to the Station or (as she calls it) Massie's Prairie. I think Grandmother visited her brother Isaac [Shelby] in 1852. She says 'went by the cars to visit Isaac, staid four months (her husband dead and Isaac's wife dead now). Cousin David Shelby came home with me by the cars.' Isaac lived at Lafayette, Indiana.
The Sister who lives with me says that she often heard Grandmother Hannah say that David first saw Mary Williams on the dance floor and said right then he intended to marry her, Hannah always adding that he was seventeen when he married...."

12 Mar 1928....."I want to thank you for the picture of David Shelby's house [in Pickaway Co, OH--CKS] My grandmother's diary says, David kept his own room, rented the remainder of the house for 18 years (should be 15) and boarded with the renters, going to live with Charity the last six weeks of his life...."

6 Aug 1928....."I told you Hannah mentioned Joseph [Shelby] as living at Fort Harrison. At one place in her Diary she was addressing her sons (I wish she had been more explicit) telling them of the trip down the Ohio and up the Wasbash River when they came to this section of the country two or three years after her marriage. She says 'We arrived at Fort Harrison on the 18th of March 1818. we soon saw some of your relatives. Brother Joseph Shelby, George Webster (latter was Rachel's first husband) They invited us to their houses. We declined, lived in our boat until your father procured a home for us. He found a double cabin that we went into.' Judging from her diary I would say that Joseph lived there until at least 1824. He had charge of their land while they went back to Ohio for three years after locating in Illinois...."

The letter's jump to 1941:

15 Sept 1941....."My sister, who gave me so much information about the ancestors on both sides, passed away a little over two weeks ago [Elizabeth-CKS]
Grandmother visited her brother Isaac [in Tippecanoe Co, IN-CKS] in the summer of 1852 and again a little later. My sister who died was born in 1862, but remembers hearing of Uncle John Shelby and wife Nellie being killed [This was John & wf Eleanor Morris-they were injured but not killed-Judy T]
...."Here is another item: [from Hannah] 'Went over to brother Webster's (Fort Harrison, now Terre Haute, Ind) stayed all winter, came back home, stayed another year. David came to this country hunting. He came in a waggon. we fixed it up and went home to Father Curtis; stayed there 4 months, built a house on father's land.'
Father Curtis lived in Adams County, Ohio. Hannah and Joseph had a store at Manchester, Adams Co, Ohio, once.
A cousin who copied Grandmother's account of her life called it a Diary and I continued to do so; but it is not a diary really, more reminiscenses telling of her social position, her courtship, her conversion to Methodism and a great deal of their business and financial troubles.
My grandmother, Hannah Shelby, married Joseph Curtis, Jr [Pickaway Co. record says Nov 23, 1815-CKS] They removed to Vigo Co, Indiana, in 1818, remaining one year, then moved over to Edgar County, Illinois, in February, 1819.

6 Oct 1941....."The original 'diary' is in possession of a granddaughter of Harvey W. Curtis, Hannah's son, who lived on Route No. 5, Neosha, Missouri. she is Mrs Adam Purcell.
My father was Isaac Hadley Curtis, the middle name for a Methodist preacher, I think.

There was one other letter, dated 8 Aug 1948- She was enclosing the obituary notice of Elsie Morris, in Paris, IL

This was the last letter from Mrs Moss, but there are others from the same time frame, from other decendants. None of them knew who David Shelby's (b 1765), parents were.

In a letter to Mrs Frank Y Shelby (Mary G Curtis], dated 25 Nov, 1952- CKS states:
"Your letter of the 17th came and in reply would say that I am quite familiar with David and Mary (Williams) Shelby of Pickaway Co, OH, and his family of nine children, of whom your husband's gr-grandfather Joseph of Vigo Co, Ind, was one.
A short biographical sketch of David appeared in the History of Franklin and Pickaway Counties, Ohio, published by Williams Bros. of Cleveland in 1880. This sketch says that David was a native of Rockingham Co, VA, which statement is an error. He lived as a boy in what is now Warren Township in the southwest corner of Franklin Co, PA. At that time the locality was know only as the "Little Cove," being a small triangular shaped valley enclosed on the east and west by two mountain ranges, leaving the southern side open to Maryland. Here lived also Enoch williams, his father-in-law....
Now as to yor question. since David Shelby was only ten years old when the Revolutionary War started and seventeen when it was finished and since there was no military activity in his vicinity during that period, he naturally did not have what you call Revolutionary service.. some of the oldr boys of the region stood guard duty watching out for hostile Indians, stirred up by the Bristish agents to raid the frontiers (forest rangers they were called); but there is no record of David doing even that...." [There is a lot more to this letter] - again explaining the whys and what fors of who David belonged to.

Joseph and Hannah had the following children: Joseph; David Shelby; Benjamin Opdyke; Isaac Hadley; and George Webster Curtis. [I have a typed copy of this journal]

Hope this will provide some clues....Not sure what I have on Rachel