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Subject:Hermund McCormack, m. Huldah Rogers 1871; is Nora Martin theirs?
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I have two marriage records, one census record and a lot of speculation, regarding Hulda Rogers.

Marriages in Coles County:
Mccormack, Hermund to Rogers, Hulda on 1871-08-04
Martin, Elias J to Rodgers, Huldah on 1876-06-12

1880 Census:
Edward J. Martin, Self, M, Male, W, 31
Hulda Martin, Wife, M, Female, W, 27
Nora Martin, Dau, S, Female, W, 5, Il, Il, Oh
May B. Martin, Dau, S, Female, W, 2, Il, Il, Oh
Jane L. Martin, Dau, S, Female, W, 9m, Il, Il, Oh

If Nora is 5 on the census, she was born 1874/75. So, either:

1) She is Edward's daughter from a previous marriage,

2) She is Hulda's daughter from a previous marriage, adopted by Elias when she was an infant

3) Nora's age is wrong in the census

4) Hulda and Elias lived in sin for a couple of years in small-town Illinois in the 1870's

5) She is an orphaned niece, sister or cousin.

6) There were two women named Hulda Rogers

7) None of the above.

Can anyone shed any light on these people? Hulda and Elias were still in Coles County as late as 1910. He uses Elias most of the time, not Edward.

I can't find anyone close to Herman / Hermund / Hermind McCormack or McCormick in Coles County in 1870. The only one close in 1880 is a Herman McCormick, b. 1855 in Illinois, serving in the Company "H", 8th U.S. Infantry, Saucelito, Marin, California.

There is just one Hulda(h) Rogers/Rodgers in Coles county in 1870.

Hulda and Elias both have "M1" (first marriage) in their marital status columns in 1910, but it is possible Hulda didn't remember, or didn't want to mention, her first.

I can't find a marriage record for Elias or Edward Martin in Coles County. "Hulda" is a rare name, although "Rogers" is not. Of all the possibilities listed, (2) seems the most reasonable.

If she lived and followed the usual pattern for the times, Nora would have married about 1890 - 1900, which was the time Illinois asked for parents on the marriage license. But, I can't find a marriage record for Nora, and even if I could, chances are she'd think her dad was Elias, not Hermund.

A note on names:
Hermund on the Illinois Marriages is Hermind in the IGI and must have answered to Herman. McCormack is probably McCormick half the time. Hulda used Huldah, and her whole family switched between Rodgers and Rogers.