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Subject:George & Sophia Williams Brown m 1835 IN>Trilla?
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Several researchers are pursuing the history and descendants of George and Sophia Williams Brown, who were married 11 May 1835 in Crawford County Indiana. Some people place them later around Trilla Illinois, which could be either Cumberland or Coles County. However, I can't find either George or Sophia in 1860 or any subsequent census, either in Indiana or Illinois.

Most researchers accept that Sophia Williams was born in Indiana about 1819-20, the daughter of Addison and Azuba/Juba/Zuba (sp?)Beals Williams, who had just moved to Indiana from New York State. I don't find anything to contradict that assertion. Everything fits into place nicely. However, some of the same researchers indicate that Sophia's husband was George Washington Brown, son of John and Priscilla Baum Brown, and that George was born in Nodaway Missouri. Perhaps they have inserted this George Brown because he was born in Tennessee, where the 1850 census shows Sophia's husband to have been born. There's no indication that George W. Brown of Missouri came back East to Indiana and married Sophia Williams.

The marriage record clearly identifies Sophia's husband as George A. Brown, not George W. Brown. Also, I find George A. Brown and family in the 1840 census Crawford County Indiana, enumerated on the line above Horace Williams, the first cousin of Sophia's father. In 1830, Horace Williams is enumerated on a line adjacent to Jacob Beals, from the family of Sophia's mother.

In that 1840 federal census, George A. Brown's family consists of 4 boys under 5 years of age, 1 male, 15-20, and 1 male 20-30 (likely George A. Brown, about 26 yrs); 1 female 15-20,and 1 female 20-30 (likely Sophia, about 21 yrs). The teenages are a bit puzzling, but they could certainly be siblings of George and/or Sophia, and I don't find them with this family in the 1850 census, in Sullivan County Indiana. Sophia appears to have had a brother and three sisters in this age group.

In the 1850 census of Sullivan County Indiana
(Jackson Township, in the northeast corner of Sullivan County):

Brown, George               38        M       Farmer       Tenn
       Sophia              30       F              Ind
       Franklin       14       M              Ind
       Lewis              12       M              Ind
       John              10       M              Ind
       Levi              06       M              Ind
       Laura A              03       F              Ind
Lency or Sency [?]       16       F              Ind

I'm not sure who might be "Lency" or "Sency", but she's listed as a "Brown", perhaps a younger sister of George? The two teenagers from 1840 have disppeared, but three of the boys (John, Lewis, and Addison Franklin) are still with the family. One of the earlier-listed boys could have died, been apprenticed, or could be living with another family.

I'd like to hear from people interested in this family. Perhaps together we can figure out where these Browns came from. I'd like to encourage any living male Brown descendants in this line to consider submitting a sample for DNA analysis. It consists of a simple swab of the mouth, and can either be done by a private lab for a fee, or it can be done free, which takes a lot longer.

Jim Patrick
Tampa Florida
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2. Patrick (SCT>PA>NC>IN), Abel/Abell/Able (MD?>KY>IN), Beatty (VA>OH>IN), Shumway (NY>IN), Downs (OH>IN), Brown (CT>VT?>NY>OH>IN), Rockwell, (NS>CT>NY), Barney (MA>NY), Shidler, Holman, Jacobs (PA>NC>IN>OH), Dowden, Cheyney, Gaither

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