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Subject:Letter from Henry Gharst 1867 (Ingraham, Ill)
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Hi. My name is Judi Z Gharst, my husband is a descendant of Peter Gharst (1799-1869) I have in my possession a letter that was written from Henry Gharst in Ingraham, Ill. to Philip Long in Stanford, Ind., it was written in 1867. It is kinda funny to read.

At first I thought it Henry Gharst, son of Peter, but then he mentions something about a daughter getting married (or was he talking about a sister or niece?) and he would've been too young for that. So, my question is: which Henry Gharst is this? Maybe someone out there can help me put this together..... and as soon as I can get my scanner fixed I can send copies to anyone that wants it.

Henry didn't use punctuation, so it is a little hard to read.


Feb. the 11/67

Dear Sir I received your letter of February the 3 I was glad to hear from you once more I wish you was down hear a while I think we could have some gay old times We went a hunting yesterday as it was Sunday we killed 3 Squirels and caut 1 coon we are a ironing a wagon now there is not much job work to do now I am getting along tolerable well considering for a new beginer times is du* and whiskey is scarse and hard to get It must be a devel of a time for weddings there but I mus beg to differ with you a bout Dock a going to the gut reder to get married but I think I can tell you what he went for He went for information as he was a going to reden guts him self he told the gut man it was a different gut that he wanted to red* well we have had a wedding down hear since i have ben down hear my little hanner has got married but she lives handy to me She is one of my nearest neighbors One of old Keps gals got married and a gay old time they had to the hole family cryed she could not quit a cry ing long enough for the preacher to marry them the best fun of it was she would not go to bed the first night She set up all night it might have suited him but you know it would not have suited me
Well I must close for it is a getting late this leaves us all well as fare as I know
No more onley
remaining your friend
as ever
Henry Gharst to
Philip Long
Write Soon

Give my respects
Wifes Boys and all enquireing

This letter was written by a "Henry Gharst" in Ingraham, Illinois to a Philip Long in Sandford, Indiana. It is postmarked, "Ingraham, ILL Feb 13, 1867"