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Subject:JOHN T. HUFFMAN born Nov. 18, 1849 married JANET HOTCHKISS Aug. 8, 1872
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“Genealogical and Personal History of Beaver County, Pennsylvania”
Editor: John W. Jordan, LL. D.
Illustrated. Volume 2.
Lewis Historical Publishing Company, New York, 1913

Pgs. 667 to 671 HUFFMAN
Washington County is the part of Pennsylvania in which the HUFFMAN family herein recorded first appears, the first of whom there is record, GRANDFATHER HUFFMAN, a descendant of German forbears, settling there in the early days of the county. He was a farmer by occupation, owning land in the vicinity of Florence. He met an accidental death while hauling material from Pittsburgh preparatory to the erection of a new house. Both he and his wife were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Children: 1. MARY, married and spent her life in Jackson County, Ohio, where she died. 2. REBECCA, died in Washington County, Pa. 3. GEORGE, a farmer, died in Washington County, Pa. 4. WILLIAM, a farmer of Ohio, where he died. 5. HENRY, a farmer in Illinois, near Olida, where he died. 6. JACOB, a merchant of Steubenville, Columbiana County, Ohio, later moved to a ranch in Nebraska, and died in that state. 7. JAMES, of whom further. 8. THOMAS, at one time a farmer and carpenter, died retired in Pittsburgh, Pa.

JAMES HUFFMAN, was born in Washington County, Pa., in 1821, died in May, 1893. He grew to manhood in his native county. After his marriage moved to South Beaver Township, Beaver County, where he purchased a farm of more than 100 acres near Elder’s Factory. He purchased a large area of land adjoining his property, cultivating the entire tract. He became the owner of Watts Mills, shipping his whole output to Pittsburgh. In this occupation he gradually devoted less time to his farming, later selling the flour mills, and giving his attention exclusively to his land. He finally sold all his property and made his home with his son, FRANK L., until his death, aged 73 years. He was a Democrat.

He married JANE MALONEY, born near Florence, Washington County, Pa., in 1821, died in December, 1893. She was one of a family of ten children, of whom 8 were girls and 2 boys, the two sons dying in infancy. Maternally she was descended from the MORTON family, of New Jersey, which was planted in Pennsylvania at an early day. Children of JAMES and JANE (MALONEY) HUFFMAN: 1. JOHN THOMAS, of whom further. 2. ELVIRA, married J. B. WHITE; lives in Darlington, Pa. 3. WILLIAM H., a physician of Harrisburg, holds a government position; he is a veteran of the Civil War, having served in the Union army in Company D, One Hundredth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. 4. FRANK L., of whom further. 5. SARAH, married THOMPSON BAKER, an ex-sheriff of Custer County, Nebraska, in which state they live. 6. SAMUEL, a resident of Lawrence County, Pa., a laborer. 7. JOSEPHINE, died in Homestead, Pa., about 1906; married EDWARD DAVIS.

JOHN THOMAS HUFFMAN, son of JAMES and JANE (MALONEY) HUFFMAN, was born in South Beaver Township, Beaver County, Pa., Nov. 18, 1849, died in Darlington Township, same county, Nov. 16, 1910. He grew to manhood in South Beaver Township, and there attended the district school. After his marriage he purchased 44 acres of land in Darlington Township, later adding to his possessions 134 acres in South Beaver Township, never residing thereon, but renting it during his entire lifetime. On his land in Darlington Township he raised a great deal of fine fruit, specializing in that branch of agricultural pursuits. MR. HUFFMAN supported the Republican Party at the polls. He affiliated with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

He married, Aug. 8, 1872, JANET HOTCHKISS, born at Coat Bridge, eight miles from Glasgow, Scotland, daughter of JOSEPH and MARY (CRANSTON) HOTCHKISS. The HOTCHKISS family had long been resident in Scotland and it was there that JOSEPH HOTCHKISS was born in 1810, died Oct. 24, 1872. His parents were natives of that country, coal miners in occupation, in religious faith Presbyterian. His brothers and sisters were: 1. EDWARD, came to the U. S., but returned across the ocean, settling in England. 2. JOHN, proprietor of a hotel in Glasgow, Scotland, where he died. 3. MICHAEL, also came to the U. S., but did not make his home here for any considerable length of time, recrossing the ocean to England, where he died. 4. ELLEN, died in Scotland; married JOHN HODGETT, who died in New York City, New York. JOSEPH HOTCHKISS married (first) MARY LOVE; (second) MARY CRANSTON, born in England, April 24, 1828, died March 22, 1908, daughter of JAMES and JENNIE (MOFFIT) CRANSTON, both natives of Scotland, who afterwards moved to England. JENNIE MOFFIT was a daughter of JAMES MOFFIT, a minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church. Children of JAMES and JENNIE (MOFFIT) CRANSTON: 1. JANE, married THOMAS SHERRY; they made their home in East Palestine, Ohio, where he was a miner. 2. MARY, of previous mention, the second wife of JOSEPH HOTCHKISS. 3. JOHN, enlisted in the Union army at the time of the Civil War from Peoria, Illinois, and was never heard from thereafter, nor has any trace of him been found. Children of first marriage of JOSEPH HOTCHKISS: 1. JAMES, died aged 18 years, the result of injuries received while engaged in mine labor. 2. JOHN, died young. 3. EDWARD, died in boyhood. 4. WILLIAM, a miner, lives in Darlington Township, Beaver County, Pa., with MICHAEL HOTCHKISS, his half-brother. Children of second marriage of JOSEPH HOTCHKISS: 1. JANET, of previous mention; married JOHN THOMAS HUFFMAN. 2. EDWARD, lives in Darlington Township, Beaver County, Pa., at the home of his sister, JANET; his occupation is that of coal miner. 3. JENNIE, deceased, married FINLEY RHODES. 4. JOHN, a coal miner of Burgettstown, Pa. 5. JAMES, baggage master in the Union depot in Pittsburgh, Pa. 6. JOSEPH, a hardware merchant of Dillonville, Ohio. 7. MICHAEL, a farmer of Darlington Township, Beaver County, Pa. Children of JOHN THOMAS and JANET (HOTCHKISS) HUFFMAN: 1. SAMUEL, born Jan. 28, 1874; a steel-worker of East McKeesport, Pa.; married MAY CLARK; they are the parents of MARGUERITE, GENEVIEVE, PAUL, WALTER, DOROTHEA. 2. MARY, born Aug. 4, 1877; married SYLVAN RANDALL; lives in North Braddock, Pa. 3. JENNIE, born July 9, 1885; a nurse in the West Penn Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pa. 4. HELEN C., born Nov. 17, 1896; lives with her mother.

MRS. JANET HUFFMAN is a woman of rare sweetness and beauty of character, a mother of the old school in every fiber of her being. At the death of the wife of her brother, JOHN, his son, CECIL D., came to make his home with his aunt, and has there since lived.

FRANK L. HUFFMAN, son of JAMES and JANE (MALONEY) HUFFMAN, was born in Darlington Township, Beaver County, Pa., July 28, 1861. He was educated in the public schools of Darlington Township, and from boyhood was taught in the ways of farm life, so that he remained on the home acres as his father’s assistant until his marriage. After his marriage he purchased a 70 acre farm in Lawrence County and there lived until the spring of 1900, when he moved to Beaver County, there becoming the possessor of 120 acres of land in Big Beaver Township. His home is near Koppel, and there he has since resided. On his land he has erected several houses for renting purposes, as well as a large silo. This latter is necessary because of the comparatively numerous stock he keeps in connection with his dairy business, his stables housing twenty cows, all excellent stock and steady producers. He conducts a retail milk business, covering all the neighboring territory. His farm at the present time consists of but 70 acres, 50 acres of the former tract having been purchased in 1906 by the Arthur Koppel Company. He has held numerous township offices, elected always on the Republican ticket, and with his wife attends the service of the Presbyterian Church.

He married, Sept. 6, 1883, MARTHA JANE HILLMAN, born in Lawrence County, Pa., Feb. 4, 1863, daughter of JOHN and ISABEL (BLAIR) HILLMAN. JOHN HILLMAN was a son of JOHN FREDERICK and HANNAH ANN (WILEY) HILLMAN, who came to Beaver County from Westmoreland County, Pa., and there bought two farms near Ellwood, where they both died. They were the parents of two children, ELIZABETH JANE, married THOMAS IRVIN, and died on the homestead; and JOHN, father of MARY JANE. JOHN HILLMAN was born near Greensburg, Pa., Sept. 24, 1833. When a child he was brought by his parents to Beaver County and there grew to manhood and married, later moving to Lawrence county, Pa., where he owned a farm. In 1877-78 he returned to Beaver County, purchasing a farm of 130 acres where FRANK L. HUFFMAN now lives. On this property he erected a substantial dwelling, and there died, in September, 1903. His first wife, ISABEL, died in 1868, and he married a second time, his wife being MARTHA ANN, a sister of his first wife. ISABEL and MARTHA ANN BLAIR were the daughters of SAMUEL and ISABEL (STOCKMAN) BLAIR. SAMUEL BLAIR was born on Manhattan Island, New York, where the family had lived for many generations. Upon coming to Beaver County he settled in Big Beaver Township, there buying a farm of 100 acres, on which he built a red brick house, now used as a dwelling by his grandson, JOHN C. BLAIR. Within the walls of this house, raised about 1835, SAMUEL BLAIR died. He was the father of: 1. ROBERT, a farmer of Kansas, where he died. 2. SILAS, killed in battle in the Civil War, a soldier in the Union army. 3. SAMUEL. 4. JOHN, a soldier in the Union army, met his death at the battle of Fair Oaks. 5. MARTHA ANN, the second wife of JOHN HILLMAN. 6. ELIZA, died unmarried in Beaver County. 7. ISABEL, the first wife of JOHN HILLMAN, died in Beaver County. JOHN and ISABEL (BLAIR) HILLMAN were the parents of but two daughters, MARTHA JANE, of previous mention, married FRANK L. HUFFMAN; and ANNA, married WILLIAM WILSON, a brother of JUDGE J. SHARPE WILSON. Children of FRANK L. and MARTHA JANE (BLAIR) HUFFMAN: 1. JOHN FREDERICK, a farmer, lives with his father. 2. HARRY JAMES, a farmer of Lawrence County; married MATILDA LAW, and has one son, HARRY JAMES, JR. 3. ROY WILBERT, lives at home. 4. FRANK LLOYD, lives at home. 5. MARTHA. 6. ANNA ELIZABETH. 7. MILDRED GLADYS. 8. WILLIAM, died in infancy.