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Subject:Re: Information about Rufus Huffman Grovetown GA
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Hello Thomas:

I wonder if we are of the same Huffman family because I came across another Rufus Huffman also married to a Georgia Prather but the list of children they had did not fit those of my family. There were some Slatherys and we don't know any of them.There seems to be just a few Rufus Huffman's out there.Looking at what you sent me it LOOKS like wem are from the same branch but we don't know a Wiley, we do know a Viola Newman however.

I'm confused and I wonder how much of our records could have gotten mixed up by the Recorders back then.

I came across a Rufus A Huffman with the following children: Francis Huffman, John A Huffman, Julia A Huffman, Marcus L Huffman, Rufus A Huffman Sara Huffman Sophronia Huffman, Wiley Huffman.They are not our kin as far as I know.

My Rufus is Rufus H (Hillman) Huffman constanble of Grovetown born around 1854 give or take.He was around 26 years old then. The Wife is Georgia Prather married to Daniel Prather. The children are: Lawson Huffman, James Huffman, Josephine Huffman Ida Huffman, Minne Huffman,Frank (Front)Huffman my grandfather,Joley, Huffman,Dane, Mamie and Anni Mae Huffman.

My Grand Father Frank (Front) Hillman Huffman married Essie Woordward , and had the following children:Edward, Frank Jr.,Raymond, Freddie, Mildred,Dorothy Mable (my mother) Melvis Johanna and Julia Magalene:All Huffmans.

There is a Rufus A huffman who was the son of Claude Huffman on our side. He passed away around 1980 give or take. His wife Berta R Huffman just passed away December of 2009.

A friend of mine came across Rufus Hillmond Huffman
> b. 1854 Grovetown Columbia Georgia
d Grovetown Columbia Georgia
Wiley Huffman 1817-1853
Sarah E. Powell 1817-? Her parents were Seymore Powell and Martha W. Cowling, no dates listed
Spouse: Georgia Prather 1851-? Children: Joseph H. Huffman 1883-1955.

Close but not related.

I finally found my grandmothers birth parents, Julius and Ellie Woodward, and I found the Parents of Julius but I can't find the parents of my Great Grand Father Rufus Huffman.Its as though he never existed before 1854 give or take. The story is that he came over of a boat from Germany with two brothers. I can't find the brothers names. Rufus apparently never talked about his past.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I want very much to keep in touch. Maybe you can help me sort this out.