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Subject:Harrison Slave Connection
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According to my great-grandmother, Mary Tyler, we are descendents of NATHANIEL HARRISON, of Amelia County, Virginia.

The story goes that Nathaniel Harrison, an Englishman, fell in love with one of his brother's slaves. When his brother, found out he was furious and arranged to have her sold. Nathaniel was clever and had her purchased on his behalf by a slave buyer. He freed her and then lived with her until his death in 1852.

The slave was named FRANKY (or Frankie) MILES. They had three children, Edwin, Ann Maria and Lurane. In his will probated in November 1852, he left the place that he was living in, house and land, to Franky Miles "a free woman of color". In addition he leaves land to Ann Maria Jackson and Lurane Anderson. He doesn't leave anything to Edwin, but he leaves land and money to EDWIN HARRISON's "four youngest children now in being and any others that may be born after this date".

I haven't been able to locate Nathaniel. We think his brother is WILLIAM H. HARRISON, because he is named an executor of his will.

There are a lot of Nathaniel Harrison's out there. My great-grandmother said that Nathaniel came to the United States from England and purchased about 3000 acres of land in Amelia County, VA.

I have a lot of information about the decendents of the three children because it was written down by my great-grandmother before she died in 1979 (at age 99). I have the most information about my direct line, but I do have information about some of the others. I still need to locate family members to update the information and fill in the blanks. Here are the grand-children and great-grand chidlren that I know of for NATHANIEL HARRISON AND FRANKY MILES.

one daughter Lelia

Lelia Jackson married Alex Anderson
(6 children)
Ida (married John Norman)
Indiana (married Nathaniel Lunt Wingo)
Mattie (married Robert Martin)
Margaret (married Jesse Richardson)

It is believed that they had no children

EDWIN HARRISON married a Betty or Betsy
(13 children)
Lowbeta (married Richard Booker)
(2 children, died young)
Nancy Osborne (never married) but had 4
children by a man named PORTER)
girl (died young)
John Henry Porter
James Porter (died young)
Mary Porter)
Demetria (married a man named Green)
Betty Jane
Martha Ann (married a man named Wingo)
Mary Frances (never married but 1 daughter)
Sarah (no known children)
Tommy Norfleet
Boss (no known children)
Lurane (no known children)
John William (no information)
Robert (no information)
Nathaniel, Jr.
Henry Franklin (married a woman named Ann Marie)

I am a descendent of Edwin Harrison daughter, NANCY OSBORNE HARRISON. One of her daughters was my great-grandmother MARY PORTER TYLER. So I have a lot of information about Nancy's descendents but not about people related to the other children. A couple of them are major question marks, while I have information about the ones that grew-up and continued to live near Amelia, VA.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who may be connected to this large family.