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Subject:Re: Belot, Panfil, Dessalines (Dessalines/Liberia)
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Do you know where in Africa Dessalines or his parents came from? I know Toussaint came from a place called Allada or Aladja in Benin, did Dessalines come from the same place? Toussaint was from the Fon people, was Dessalines also from the Fon people?

If you could answer this question I would be enternally grateful. I am tracing family roots and trying to find out Dessalines or his family origin in Africa. I am from Liberia West Africa. The Harris family of Liberia migrated from Haiti after the assassination of Dessalaines to avoid being killed by the enemies of the family. The Harris' and the Dessalines are one in the same. There is always someone in the family that carries the name Dessalines as a first or middle name. This is done to maintain the historical link to Haiti. We have traced our family tree back to my Great Grandfather Aaron Harris. His Brother we called Uncle Dessa, short for Uncle Dessaline.

My cousin who lives in Holland is a mullato,(his mother married a Dutch man). My cousin's name is Kornelius Dessalines Smit. His mother who we call cousin Caroline was a cousin to my mother. Cousin Caroline's and my mother's father were both cousins. Both of there grand fathers were brothers. The store is that there were two brothers, nick named Chocalate and Cheese because of their complexion. The were supposed to have brought their families and settled in Liberia. Either this story has to do with Aaron and Dessalines Harris or the story is about their fathers. I think that the is talking about the Fathers of Aaron and Dessaline Harris, because they would have been a generation to young to have traveled from Haiti with family. So the missing link to Jean-Jacques Dessaline is to figure out which one of Dessalines children left Haiti for Africa.