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Subject:Re: Lavina Groce-Ashby surry co. ??? 1780?
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Good luck finding her parents...and when you say you "really need it," what's up? Are you doing a family history or story on her? Just curious.

Lavinia married Alex Ashby in Surry Co., NC on 19 February 1821. They moved to Lincoln Co., TN not long after. I believe she was a member of Concord Primitive Baptist Church (or it may have been Mount Moriah, I forget)...wait, it was Concord, cause she shows up on the rolls there.

She died in LCT on 8 October 1873. She is buried in the Ashby-Warden-Groce Cemetery in the Mulberry area of LCT; one could find it in the Belleville quadrangle of the USGS maps. It is also known as the Groce Cemetery.

My understanding is it's up on the mountains, and one would need a guide to find it. Some idiotic loggers apparently knocked down the stones, but there were stones, at least. The stone may say 6 October. I'll have to go back to my early notes to remember why I have 8 October for her death.

They had several children, all of whom lived and died in Lincoln or nearby Moore Co.

John Lewis was born in NC in 1823 (probably Surry or Yadkin area), but Racheal Elizabeth, who married John Warden, was born in TN (most likely LCT) in 1825, so this would place their migration more exactly around about 1824.

Nearly all of Alex's siblings also moved to LCT. I don't know in the case of Lavinia. There are MANY Groce/Gross families in the area, but I'm not sure what the relation is...nobody is...but I have no doubt there is one. From what little is known, they may originally have been of German extraction. I once saw a family sheet, not well documented, that had a Levin or Lavina or some other spelling which could (I emphasize only COULD) have been her, but my efforts to find out from whence the supposition came, came to nothing. The mysterious Viney continues to elude us. Both my great-great-grandmother and my maternal grandmother were named for her.

- jEz