Posted By:Enrique Gleason-Aguiluz
Subject:GLEESONs and GLEASONs from Silvermines, Tipperary, Ireland / Scotland / Candada
Post Date:October 30, 2011 at 12:01:24
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I am in search for any information on my great grandfather William H. GLEASON -- he is my very last known GLEASON ancestor on my tree. Census records out of Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan indicate that William H. GLEASON was born in Canada (about 1848) and he is listed as living with Emma TREAT, my great grandmother, a son listed as "Fred" GLEASON (my grandfather Frederick Treat GLEASON), and a daughter listed as "Jennie" GLEASON (my great aunt). Interestingly, Census Records indicate that my great grandfather William H.GLEASON'S parents were from Scotland even though my GLEASON Y-DNA indicates that my GLEASON or GLEESON line is originally from Silvermines, Tipperary, Ireland.

I recently had my Y-DNA tested through Family Tree DNA ("FTDNA") and agreed to join and have my test results posted with the GLEASON DNA Surname Project hosted by World Families ( In comparing my Y-DNA results with other GLEASONs (and GLEESONs), it looks like I definitely belong to the Irish GLEASONs (GLEESONs) from Silvermines, Tipperary, Ireland.

From the GLEASON Surname Project I’ve been able to conclude that my GLEASON (GLEESON) line is from Silvermines, Tipperary, Ireland. I’ve also noticed a Martin, Michael, John, and James GLEASON (or GLEESON) from the same region (Tipperary, Ireland) with almost identical Y-DNA markers as mine which clearly indicates that I am definitely related to these mentioned GLEASONs (or GLEESONs).

I highly encourage all GLEASONs or GLEESONs to join the same project so that we can determine and confirm our ancestry. The GLEASON Surname Project being hosted by World Families is free and it is also linked to Family Tree DNA ("FTDNA"). You can actually telephone FTDNA at (713) 868-1438 and request that they add your name and all test results to the GLEASON Surname Project and to all other projects that FTDNA recommends that may be of interest to all GLEASONs or GLEESONs. For example, I am also involved with the “464xcgg” group and the “R1b and Subclades” group and I think that all GLEASONs and GLEESONs should also join these two important groups.

Anyways, I hope all GLEASONs or GLEESONs join the above-referenced groups so that we can find the missing links between our various GLEASON or GLEESON families. Once you are tested, your test results can be manually transferred to

Any help and/or information will be greatly appreciated.