Posted By:Jane Peppler
Subject:Re: your java crashes my browser; unable to "hide results"; search failure
Post Date:July 20, 2011 at 03:06:55
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My Chrome version: 12.0.742.122 (it says it's up to date)
MSIE 8. something

Every search does it to me, no particular one.
I go to the home site
Just now I tried Samuel Bockius PA and this was returned:

It said on screen: These results have expired. Please re-run your search. If I hit search again from the left sidebar the search is successful.

Now, if I click on the historical results (that's my subscription) and I don't want to see any census returns (because I have all the census returns already) and I check the empty box to the left of the first census return and then click "hide matches from this record set" I get a popup (except it's not a popup exactly because it's full-screen) saying "To hide matches that you know do not contain members of your family, click the checkboxes and then click Hide. Before hiding matches, please save your search. Checked-off matches will not appear in any future searches."

When I click "close" I'm back to the previous screen. I never get anything but that popup so cannot hide the results.