Posted By:Gordon Sinclair
Subject:Gen. Fam. Tree Gr. Suite v 8.0 uk 98SE to XP Sp 1.
Post Date:February 09, 2005 at 08:34:40
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I have been on Win 98 SE with GFTGS v 8.0 UK loaded and generally behaving itself, I have around 500 names to date. I have now moved to XP home Sp.1, The constructers of my new system said they would also install my old hard drive which operated under Win 98 along side the 120 Gb new hard drive with XP Sp.1. To date I have still been operating the software with very little problem, i.e. when requesting a word print of the index, I cannot see the list on the screen, however, it does go to file on the new disc and can print O.K., also, when I want to print a tree, the print on the screen and on the printout is almost black on black and unreadable, however, if the tree is saved and then reopened from the file and printed, it's o.k. and, I tried to add some data in a birth window and when I pressed save, it dissapeared, I got it eventually working but not sure how.
I now intend to go to XP Serv.Pack 2 and am very nervous of the consequences to my treasured data. I don't know what is the best way forward, i.e. am I out of date with v 8.0 UK ? is there a special version to suit XP SP 2 ? are there any free patches suitable for my predicament ? the last time I enquired, there were concerns about the life and support of Gen. FT Gr. Suite UK ? I also had a go with Family Tree Maker V.11 update, but have not given it all my confidence to date.
Any help would be appreciated.
Kind Regards, Gordon.