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Post Date:February 08, 2004 at 12:11:47
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Actually, I had almost no problems at all importing the data. After I did the import, I used a function of Legacy that does a check/repair of the database. This function pointed out three or four instances of names where it had imported two women listed as being married or two men listed as being married. A detailed report that was produced gave record numbers, and I tracked these instances down right away. In all cases, these turned out to be names that had gotten "crosslinked." I fixed all of these very easily.

In Generations, I had created a couple of new categories for information, which obviously would not be recognized by any program importing standard GEDCOM items. I chose the option of importing the data from these new categories into the notes, and all of it appears to have imported just fine. However, I could have linked them to existing GEDCOM categories or even created another new category during the import. The import wizard in Legacy is very flexible.

The only place where I have had to make a few changes is in the source list. I tended to put a lot of my sources into the "Free Form" category in Generations. All of the information from the Free Form did import into Legacy. However, the main descriptions of the sources ended up in a text/description area for each source in Legacy, and all of these sources, instead of being labeled by their individual names (e.g. Marriages of Natick, RI) are listed in the Master List as "Source". Therefore, I had over 100 source citations that were simply renamed "Source." I have had to go back in and move the description of the source from the text/description area where Legacy put them during the import, back into the field for source name so I would know what they all are. I am in the process of finishing this up. I really like the way Legacy handles sources, both new and old, otherwise. Overall, I would have to say that the import went very smoothly.

Legacy also has a users' list that you can sign up for where members can email questions and comments to other users who have signed up. These emails appear in everybody's email boxes. I have gotten some good ideas from some of the comments made on this users' list.

BTW, the import of my database into TMG created a file with some errors (probably due to the crosslinked names), and my import into RootsMagic left out all of the categories that I had created myself, thus causing me to lose a ton of information which I had no desire to track down and reenter.

Family Tree Maker seemed to import everything, but that database is so incredibly limited compared to everything else that is out there. The only good thing I could see about it would be for a beginner who wants to create a web site. FTM will create and upload family reports onto a ready-made site in, so somebody wanting to share research right away can do so very easily, complete with their own web site. However, I was totally unimpressed with pretty much everything else about FTM and have chosen not to use it.