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Subject:generations V8 uk
Post Date:May 19, 2003 at 13:41:06
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Iím sorry if this a bit long but
I'm having problems with Generations V8 UK and I'm not sure if it's me, the program or my pc!
I have two separate family files.

The first problem concerns "adding fields" and this is what I do.
1) open family file number 1
2) double click on a family member entry that has an associated source ( e.g.
birth cert.) and open the source
3)click "show citations" tab.
4) double click birth cert entry in the "Edit Person" window
5)open "Source Field" tab in the "Edit Source" window
6)open "Add Field"
The list opens below the "Edit Source" window with only 15 of the 46 entries
visible. By moving the "Edit Source " window to the top of the screen and
opening the "Add Field "button I can see 30 of the 46 entries. It is not
possible to scroll to the bottom of the list to "other"
The only way to see the whole list is to change the screen size which reduces the font size.
How do I overcome this?
This problem doesn't occur with the second family file, the list of 46
entries is totally visible from the top of the screen.

The second problem is with merging the two family files.
I create a new empty family file or a clone file and import the first
family file (Reunion 5 on the list) complete with sources.
All family members and sources are visible on the screen.
I then import the second family file and merge duplicates.
This file, although it has been imported is invisible on the screen
I click on List, then index highlight a family member from the second file.
Click go and the combined file members appear. Close and then reopen the
combined file and only the first imported family appears.
What can I do?
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program to no avail.
Any help would be appreciated,
David Mills