Posted By:Ross Davies
Subject:Merry Christmas and thanks Michael Hobart
Post Date:December 24, 2003 at 10:25:51
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Thanks Michael, and Merry Christmas from Christmas Day which we get here ahead of you. I've gone through this and the Sierra Generations forum in the last couple of days, and the name Michael Hobart shines out through both. How you find the time to answer so many of our repetitive questions beats me. But you do, and it is very helpful, and reassuring.

With this query, I was puzzled with the version number, and thanks for the clarification. I was concerned that the colour palette grief applied to anything that started as V5.2. Now I don't understand all the grief, as if there is a free patch/update to V6.0.1, where is the problem? My 6.0.1 does have a small problem, in that the chart initially apears white on black, until saved and reopened, but I can live with that. I was just worried that this was something that might get worse. At this rate I don't think I'll need to worry about using a dual-boot system. And I don't think I'll worry about acquiring the latest version, it seems such an effort from so far away. Then again, I guess if I can find a US$9.99 sale, ad am willing to wait, it may be worth it to buy what may be the last version ever. I love these places that now offer download software - this is very practical this far away, them little bytes travel much faster than a big box :-)
I'll start using my "new" XPed V6.0.1 and see if I run into any other issues. And I will keep an eye out for a cheaper version. When I engage my brain, even the $19.99 it's currently listed on the Broderbund site is cheap compared with my investment in my data. And I probably don't need the Plus, which my understanding is that it offers just a bunch of disks extra, which if they are like the 5.2 disks, are more relevant to you North American folk.
Thaks again for your advice and help.
And Seasons Greetings to everyone using this forum.