Posted By:Ross Davies
Subject:Re: Demise of Generations
Post Date:December 22, 2003 at 18:15:42
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Wow, these guys sure know how to kill off a good thing.
I have been only an infrequent user of Generations Family Tree over the last four years. Each time I come back to it, the outlook is more grim. How can the best genealogy software end up like this?
I started with Reunion 4 for Windows, and had the most fun with any software package since a little database on the Amiga. Reunion was obviously written by people who cared, and it worked very very well. I live in Dunedin, New Zealand, and there was quite a Reunion community here, well supported. I looked around at software packages, and decided Reunion was head and shoulders above anything else. I enjoyed using it, and enjoyed reading the manual, and recommended it to anyone interested in listening. I entered a 700-person family, and found it easy to do everything I wanted - well almost everything.
I even received a free upgrade to 5.2, which I never got around to installing on my Windows 98 PC until the middle of last year. Then, once I got through the upgrade to 6.0 business, all was fine, although there were disquieting messages about dwindling support and interest.
I've now acquired a new Windows XP PC, and installed my 5.2 onto it. I went looking for the Sierra site, and found no mention of Generations Family Tree searching there. But after more stumbling around, I found Mike's path to the upgrade site, and now have 6.0 on XP.
Then I started reading all the information, and found my way to this site and this forum. And the news that it looks like GFT has reached the end of the road.
I am very very sad. It is such a wonderful programme, and it is hard to imagine anyone ditching something as popular as this. Is all the effort and committment of the developers and subsequent supporters going to be for nought?
And what of the investment of all those who paid good money for this programme? Is their no liability for loss of that? I've invested many hours into my database, and imagine how many hours around the world are tied up in people's GFT files? Is their no responsibility to support that, legal or moral?
I'm not going to buy anything else. If need be, I'll maintain a Windows 98 PC just to keep Generations 6.0 going. It does what I need, and want. But then one day I guess someone else will stop supporting Windows 98?
I cannot imagine any software I'll use that more needs a guaranteed support path. Family history is forever, or for a long time anyway.
So, from the other side of the world, the likely demise of Generations sucks.
Merry Christmas anyway.