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My original sources came from my Reunion References and I had Reference 1 as the UK 1841 census, Reference 2 the 1851 census etc. In Reunion the references were in the form 1, 2 etc. and clicking on the brought up the details of the reference.

I did something wrong when I set up Generations as the references came in as mere numbers, part of the text. I now want to correct this. Could someone please answer the following for me?

In Generations I think that the reference equivalents are sources but there are some differences, the main one being that each source can have fields.

My question is if I have Source 1 as the 1841 census I will want to use it for everyone who I have got 1841 census records for. Although the actual field names will be the same for each census (e.g. name, age etc.) does Generations allow me to have information specific to each person e.g. actual name, actual age etc. in individual fields for the same reference number?

I am being cautious as I seem to recall that once you have defined a source it may be difficult to modify or delete it.