Subject:More Disappearing Words, Generations 8 vs XP
Post Date:March 24, 2007 at 18:24:27
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My old computer was using Windows 98, and the Generations 8 ran fairly well with it, except for a "crash" about once per month. These crashes usually involved using a feature that no longer works on the now big tree, such as "search" or attempts to wholesale-change a place name to a different spelling, etc. These crashes usually only required reindexing to get back up and running again.

I just bought a new computer with XP Professional on it. I installed Gen 8 from my original software and then transferred the "chart files" over from old computer via CD. It worked fine for about a day. Then, you guessed it, things started to disappear. With entering a given name and surname or DOB, some of these things would disappear when the "save" button was clicked. If a futile attempt should be made to re-enter the missing things, then something else would disappear. I would appreciate any cure for this exasperating new problem.

P.S., I had waited for Vista to arrive before buying the new computer, but my son advised that Vista might not be compatible with the (now-getting-old)Generations 8.0, so I backtracked and found a new computer with the older XP. Is my son's conjecture true? Does anyone know?