Posted By:David H. Penke
Subject:CD 8.0 Generations will not open - and CD already says new figures before I burn
Post Date:October 27, 2006 at 22:01:29
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I have two problems - I have looked at some of the remarks made about the CD's not opening but it does not tell me - a not too literate coputer user - what to do about it

The Generations Beginner program that I bought included a book that says it is 8.0 - but I wonder because some of the things I see in the book, I have never seen in the program while using it

I have quite a few CDs that I burned since I started using the program and they used to open - in the last year or so I find that when I try to look at the CD it will not open - I get a box that asks if I want to open it - but when I click OK - it just comes back again,
It used to open before - but not any more.

I have ADAPTEC on my computer - when I make a CD of other files - such as my documents and New Briefcase - etc it works fine, but the generations Easy Tree will not open - the number of the CD appears in My computer -bot then the box appears and that;s that I don't think it is the Adaptec - I think it is the Generations for some reason.

For a short period before the CDs stopped opening there was a period when I would want to burn a CD and I would put in an old CD with the last burning on it - Lets say it would read 10,100 people in the index - but since that time I would have added maybe 200 more names - However - the old CD with nthe last burning still on it would read 10,300 and I had not yet burned it! The man in the computer store near where I live said that is impossible, but it happened a lot once it began - I began to wonder if the minformation was really on the CD or not.
Then it began with the "Open" thing and would no longer open at all -
I recently made a CD backup with the number of persons now in my Tree - I have an old computer - Windows 95 and I put the Generations Beginners disk #1 - with the Easy tree and turtorial etc in the Windows 95 - then I placed the CD which I had just made on my Windows 98 and it placed just fine. But on the Windows 98 it willk not open.

Therefore - the Adaptec must be working - the problem must lie in the Generations program - Does anyone have any suggestion on what I can do to get the CDs to "open"?
The windows 95 had the FTM program (someone had given me the computer) I tried putting some of my data into the FTM but found the program combersome compared to the Generations progran - I would hate to have to change everything yo FTM - I like the Generations - it is so simple to use - if I could onlu figure out why it is not opening the CDs.
David - I hope I have explained this all sufficiently - I sure don't understand it.