Subject:EasyTree 8.0v Crash -- help?
Post Date:October 26, 2006 at 14:36:27
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I have a Generations Grande Suite 8.0 that has been great for several years. I changed the scope of my tree a while back to "county tree" since nearly everyone is kin somehow or other. This has been a great help to the local genealogy center as a starting place for those looking for a beginning with their searches. The index now contains over 111,000 people. I save a copy to CD weekly.

The problem is this: sometimes when scanning the index [especially when on a certain surname] the whole program will abort, after flashing some message, the content of which I cannot recall. In any case, I can usually get the tree back up by letting it go through the initializing and indexing steps, the latter step taking over 1/2 hour. I has been typical for the indexing to halt at about 10 per cent done, with no more progress. After numerous "CONTR-ALT-DEL" maneuvers, at last the indexing proceeds all of the way, especially if breath is held and fingers crossed.

Unfortunately, this last "crash" seems totally resistant to more than 50 restart attempts, including several reboots. The work is backed up daily with the "save a copy," but this copy also stops about 10 per cent into the indexing. Nearly 1000 names have been added since the last CD was made.

I hope that someone has some insight into this problem and can help. Except for this recurring flaw, I have found Generations EasyTree to be the best program that I have used.