Posted By:Brian TULLIS
Subject:Disappearing Data - a quick fix
Post Date:September 16, 2006 at 07:12:59
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The problem with “Disappearing Data” on Generations has been under discussion for some time. It is almost certainly due to a conflict with a program in the STARTUP folder.

I used msconfig command in START – RUN command and was confronted with list of over 40 programs under the STARTUP tab. It seemed a daunting task to clear all the check boxes and then selecting each box in turn from the beginning of the list and restarting the computer until the problem can be reproduced.

Described below is a Quick Fix:

I have a useful (and free) program called Startup Inspector obtainable from:

Open this program and select “All Startup Items”

Stretch the dialog box to the full screen, adjust the columns “Name” and “Filename” until all the description of each is shown, hit PRINT SCREEN.

Open your graphics program and Paste (CTRL – P) the image of the Clipboard, print the image and take the copy to your computer guru, expert or whatever.

Ask him which items can be safely unchecked from the list, following his advice remove these under msconfig – Startup and restart the computer. I did this and have cured the problem with both Generations 5.2 and 8.5a. I hope you will find this “Quick Fix” useful.