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Subject:Need advice on transition to XP computer
Post Date:July 21, 2006 at 13:05:09
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I love Generations Family Tree and was worried that I'd have to go with a different genealogy program because I'm upgrading to an XP computer. I've got 14 years of data to protect and some of it came across the internet from people who are no longer living -- a situation I think many of you can identify with.

I have an old Compaq running Win 98 and Generations 8.5 which I got before Y2K. My Compaq is dying and I need to rescue the data files before the hard disk goes belly up. The monitor has been replaced, the graphics card now only uses the lowest resolution, and the hard disk gives busy signal beeps before booting (have even gotten a boot failure message -- only once so far). This computer is too far gone and too old to run a CD burner -- I've tried.

Just this week I got a laptop which runs XP Media Edition and I have several questions which I'm sure someone out there can help me with:

1. I know that there are have been different versions or formats of VHS tapes for different parts of the world. I want to know whether the same is true of software. Is there any compatibility problem between a computer in the US and software which comes from the UK? It sounds like there isn't, but I'd rather ask and be sure.

2. I'm confused by the messages about problems running UK Generations 8.5a on an XP computer. How serious and how common are these problems?

3. Will there be any additional problems because I have the Media version of XP?

4. I've seen messages about downloading patches. Does everyone running Generations on an XP computer need patches in addition to the 8.5a software? If so, how many patches are there and where do I get them (all)?

5. I've been told that I can save the data files to the new computer using an Ethernet crossover cable. If I get the UK XP compatible version of Generations 8.5a, will it automatically read the data files from the earlier version or is there something else I'll need to do?

6. Is there any hope that there will be future upgrades of Generations Family Tree or are we all holding on to a much-loved family member who will eventually have to be replaced? I have a cousin who's interested in genealogy and has asked what program to get. He's going to take my advice and I need to know what to tell him when he asks about future upgrades. Personally, I'm willing to hang on to Generations as long as I have a computer which will run it. There simply is no comparison.

Thanks in advance for all your help.