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Subject:Gallagher/Anna Corbett (d) 1929 Bangor Maine raised Fall River, MA
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My paternal grand father is Christopher P. Gallagher (b.) June 17th, 1915 (d.)) February 2nd, 1999. He lived primarily in Springfield, MA most of his life with his wife Flora and their 9 children including (2) sets of twins. One twin is my father Martyn Lee Gallagher (b.) December 26th, 1943. Based on my understanding and some research his my paternal great-grandfather was Thomas F. Gallagher (b) April 29th, 1884 in Bangor, ME (d) February 20th, 1970 in Bangor, ME. It is also my understanding he was an Attorney and also served as a Judge. The mystery in our family is what happened to his wife. My paternal great-grandfather married Anna F. Corbett on June 18th, 1913. In 1920 according to census data they owned and resided on Mt. Hope Avenue in Bangor, ME with their 4 children ( 2 daughters & 2 sons Grace, Christopher, Lawrence & Margaret ). It is also my understanding that a set of twins died although facts and details are unknown to me. In 1920 a servant also by the name of Mary W. Can lived in the home. She was 24 at the time. In 1930 everyone moved in with my paternal great-great grandfather. My paternal great-grandmother Anna F. Corbett died in 1929 and we (meaning my entire family) doesn't know the actual cause of her death. She was raised in Fall River, MA although born in Bangor, ME in October 1884. Her parents are John Corbett and Nancy T. (Maiden) O'Leary. If anyone knows anything about what happened to Anna Corbett I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much for reading my lengthly message and if you could share details it would be most helpful. My email is Sincerely, Stacey Gallagher-Norton