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While no descendant of David Geer's (d. 1821 White Co., TN) son Frederick (d. May 25, 1867 White (now Putnam) Co., TN) has been DNA tested, I was the DNA participant representing the descendants of David's brother Frederick Geer (d. 1840 Wake Co., NC). My y-DNA results show a 100% match to the descendants of David. This, along with the documented wills & census records (see below), I believe supports the conclusion that the four DNA participants in this group share a common ancestor - namely John Geer (d. 1769 Orange Co., NC. [See LINEAGE II - John Geer Family of NC @ .]
I think a key point of interest here are the 1790 & 1800 census (shown below) which indicate David Geer had a son under 16 years of age at the 1790 census and then 2 sons under 10 years of age at the 1800 census. In the 1800 census Solomon is listed in his own household as well as David in his own household.

from: 1790 U.S. Federal Census Image at Geir, David, State: NC, County: RUTHERFORD, Locale: MORGAN DIST, Series: M637, Roll: 7, Part: 1, p. 138, Column 1, Line 2, ďDavid Geir 1 1 9 Blank Blank.Ē

from: Heads Of Families At The First Census Of The United States Taken In The Year 1790: NC, (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1966), p. 118: Morgan District, Rutherford Co., Eighth Company, "Geir, David 01 01 09 00 00."

from: Rutherford, NC 1790 First Federal Census Index by Paul R. Sarrett, Jr., @, March 19, 1997, accessed November 15, 2004:
Date SNDX L Name F Name NARS StR Pg# Family Grp.
1790 G600 GEIR David M-637 007 118 01 01 06* 00 00
*NOTE: The listing of 6 females in this source does not agree with the census image that shows 9 females.

Thus, Davidís household, while not fully identified, would include:
1 white male over 16 (Husband: David)
1 white male under 16 (son: Solomon)
9 white females (wife: Susannah; daughters: Lucy, Sally,Susanna, Nancy, Rachel, and 3 unidentified females)
I donít believe all 9 females listed can be the same daughters listed in future census data. These may be yet unidentified daughters, daughters who died young or possibly other family members, most notably Davidís mother Martha who died before Dec. 7, 1790. Note the marriage date of January 16, 1770 for David Geer and Susannah. One would expect children within a few years of marriage and this may account for the additional females.
Note also that Davidís brother Frederick was named administrator of the Estate of Martha Geer December 7 1790. [from: Wake County North Carolina County Court Minutes 1787 thru 1792, Book II, by Weynette Parks Haun, (Durham, NC: Weynette Parks Haun, 1979):
p. 53, 450-71 (Tuesday, December 7, 1790) Administration on the Estate of Martha GEER decd. was granted to Federick [sic Frederick] GEER as next in kin who came into entered into Court & entered into Bond in the Sum of L200 with William FERRILL & Woodson DANIEL his Securities and at the same time Qualified as administrator agreeable to Law & Returned an Inventory of said Estate which was duly proved and ordered to be Recorded.
p. 61, 477-98 (Wednesday, March 3, 1791) John HUMPHRIES a Deputy Sheriff of Wake County came into Court and made a return of the Account of Sales of the Estates of Martha GEER, William LITTLE and Charles JORDAN deceased, whereon he was allowed two and an half per cent. Commissions.]

NOTE: I have not included a daughter Patsey because I can not consistently place her in Davidís household until a marriage in 1822.

1800 Second Federal Census Index - Rutherford Co., NC
Compiled by: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr., March 19, 1997

Date SNDX L Name F Name NARS StR Pg# Family Grp.
1800 G600 GEAR David M-32 033 114 1---|-111-|---
1800 G600 GEAR Soloman M-32 033 114 00000-00000-00

[NOTE: The family group numbers presented here do not match the information contained in the actual 1800 census page (see below). STG]

1800 U.S. Federal Census, Rutherford Co., NC, Series M32, Roll 33, part 1, p. 114:

David Geer (spelled Gear) household:
2 white males under 10(sons: John & Frederick)
1 white male 45 upward (husband: David)
2 white females under 10(daus.: Gilley, married ? & Karen, married 1815)
2 white females 10-15(daus.: Nancy, married 1807 & Rachel, married 1809)
2 white female 16-25(dau.: Sally, married 1802; & Susanna, married 1804)
1 white female 45 upward(wife: Susannah)
Lucy married 1799

Solomon Geer (spelled Gear) household:

1 white male 26-44 (husband: Solomon)
1 white female under 10(daughter: Susan)
1 white female 16-25(wife: Nancy [nee Nichols] )

(Note that this Solomon is linked to the Geerís of Connecticut - Geer Family Association ID #389, and would be the son of Jacob Geer [ID# 46], grandson of Isaac [ID# 11], and great-grandson of immigrant ancestor George [ID #1]. This Solomon however, does not match the y-DNA of known descendants of George Geer of CT and is thereby ruled out as one of his discendants)

from: Donna Rachal Mills notes in "David Geer and family of Tennessee and NC, Report 1," (Tuscaloosa, AL: Donna Rachal Mills, 1995), p. 10:
"David and Solomon, listed next to each other, are the only Gears in the county. The two young males should be Frederick and John (born 1790). Again, David's above household allows for the six females who would shortly begin marrying. Unfortunately, this census was arranged in semi-alphabetical order so we cannot determine who his neighbors were. They would better help us to link this David to the White County David."
The Last Will and Testament of John Geer
from: NC Orange County Estate Papers, 1754-1944 (C.R073.508.42)

In the name of God Amen I John Geer of the County of Orange and province of North Carolina being very sick and weak of body, but of sound and perfect memory Blessed by God for the same and knowing that it is appointed unto all men once to die. I do make and constitute this my last will and testament. I give my soul to the hands of God that gave it me and hoping at the last he will raise it up again and as for my body I leave to be buried at the discretion of my heirs and as for those worldly goods where with it hath pleased God to bless me with, I dispose of them in manner and form following:
Item - I give to my well beloved wife one Negro woman Named Pink, Six head of cattle and one feather Bed and Furniture.
Item - I give and bequeath to my Sons David and Frederick the plantation whereon I now dwell and two feather beds and furniture to be equally divided between the two to them and their heirs forever.
Item - I give and bequeath to my daughter Mimma Twenty Pounds prock to her and her heirs forever.
Item - I give and bequeath to my daughter Tabitha Geer Ten Pound prock to her and her heirs forward.
Item - I give to my son in law James Roper Five shellings sterling only and the rest of my negroes and household goods and stock after lawful debts be paid, I leave them to my children William Geer and Mary Burnett, John Geer, Mimma, Suzy (Lucy?), Sarah, and Tabitha to be equally divided or parted between them seven children, to them and their heirs forever, where unto I set my hand and affix my seal in the year of Christ Seventeen Hundred and Sixty Nine August 12th
John (His X) Geer
Signed Sealed and delivered
In the presence of Mark
Jacob Garrard, Jr.
Michael Dent

January 6, 1770, Orange County
The execution of the written will was duly proved in open court by the Oath of Jacob Garrard asubserving witness thereto and ordered to be recorded
Signed _____ Nash

Know all men by these present, That we Frederick Geer, David Geer are held and bound unto James I. Smith, Esquire, the chairman of the county court of Orange for the time being, and his successors in office, in the just and full sum of two thousand dollars for the true payment of which we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators jointly, severly and firmly; sealed and dated this first day of September A. D. 1820. The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bounden Frederick Geer and David Geer, Administrators of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of John Geer, deceased, do make or cause to be made a true and perfect inventory of all and singular goods and chattels, rights and credits of the said deceased, which have or shall come to the hands, possession or knowledge of the said Frederick Geer and David Geer or into the hands and poession of any other person or persons for him, and the same so made do exhibit or cause to b e exhibited to the county court, where orders for administration, passed within ninety days after the date of these presents and the same goods, chattels and credits, and all other goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased at the time of his death, or which at any time after shall come to the hands or possession of the said Frederick Geer and David Geer or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for him, do well and truly administer according to law. And further do make or cause to be made a true and just account of his said administration, within two years after the date of these presents; and all the rest and residue of the said goods, chattels and credits, which shall be found remaining upon the said Administrator's account, the same being first examined and allowed by the county court, shall deliver and pay to such person or persons respectively as the same shall be due unto pursuant to the true intent and meaning of the acts fo the general assembly in such cases made and Executors therin named do exhibit the same in court, making request to have it allowed and approved accordingly, if the said Frederick Geer and David Geer above named there unto required, do render and deliver the obligation to be void and one effect or else to remain in force and virtue. Signed, sealed and delivered in the pressence of Jos. Atwood, Frederick Geer seal, David Geer seal, Thomas Hurst seal, William Wooten seal

[Note: In 1769, John's estate was taxed in Granville Co., NC. At the time, Granville adjoined Orange Co. and in 1771 Wake Co. was created, adjourning both Granville and Orange Counties.]
Last Will and Testament of David Geer / Inventory of Personal Property of David Geer
from: "Some North Carolina Records," Geer Family Association Newsletter, Vol. 8, No. 3, Summer 1991, p. 43 (also see below transcript by Ethan Geer):

I, David Geer, Being weak in body but of sound mind and perfect memory, do make and claim this to be my last will and testament, viz: I wish all my property of every description (except my waggon and carriage) to be advertised and sold and the money arriving from such sale to be equally divided between my wife, Susannah Geer and my two daughters Gilley and Catharine except fifty dollars in cash which I wish paid to my daughter Catharine over and above the amount paid to my wife and my daughter Gilley. The waggon and carriage I give to my son Frederick Geer, for the use of himself and my wife and two daughters above mentioned. Lastly I hereby appoint Anthony Dibrell Executor to this my last will. Witness my hand this fiftenth day of March, 1821.
Signed/David Geer
Witness:[his mark X] James Pigg
Drury Smith

State of Tennessee )
White County ) April Term 1821

This day the death of David Geer was suggested whereupon Anthony Dibrell, executor of said Decedent, produced here in open Court the last will and testament of the said David Geer _____ and execution of which was provided in April Court by the authority of Drury Smith and James Pigg, the subscribing witnesses thereto, for the purposes and things therein mentioned and ordered to be recorded - whereupon came the said Anthony Dibrell and took the oath of an executor and together with Jacob Robinson entered into and _______ in the sum of one thousand dollars conditioned as the Court requires. given at office 14th April 1821.
Signed/ Jacob A. Land, Clerk of White County Court
Recorded 13th July 1821
Signed/ Jacob A. Land, Clk.

An Inventory of the personal property of David Geer, ________ on oath by Anthony Dibrell Executor at April Term 1821. 2 mares, 2 colts, 1 Rifle Gun, 2 men's saddles, 13 head cattle, 2 pr. fox hooks, 1 shovel and tongs, 23 hogs, say 300 bushels corn, 1 women's saddle, 3 feather _______ and furniture, 1/2 Dozen pewter plates, 4 sheep, 1 pr steel ______, 1/2 Doz. earthen plates, 1 coffee mill, 1 coffee pot, 3 large pewter dishes, 4 pewter _______, 2 large _______, 1 oven, 1 baker, 25 in. irons, 1 churn, 1 broad axe, 1 pole axe, 1 handsaw, 1 drawing knife, 1 auger, 1 plough, 1 cullinder, 3 bedsteads, 4 chairs, 2 clocks, 1 chest, 1 _______, 1 grubbing hoe, 3 weeding hoes, 1 cutting cross, 1 bridle, 1 Lock chain, 3 cowbells, 400 ilbs. bacon, 100 lbs. Lard, 1 meal tub, 1-1/2 bushels [something is missing], 2 tea ______, 1 Lug., 1 candle stick, 1 Doz. cups & saucers, set of knives & forks, 2 wheels, 1 pr. cotton cards. Debts on the estate - Isaac Spurr note 1st Jany 1822 $36.30 yr., Aust Ins. (?) Rulledge $12. and on J.P. Cheally $15. and on _______ at Dentons $2.68 -- and on Wm. Little $3.75. In the hands of Ross $7.25, cash in hand $8.75.
Signed/ A. Dibrell
Recorded 13th July 1821
List Signed/ Jacob A. Land, Clerk of White County Court
Last Will and Testament of Frederick Geer
from: Wake Co., North Carolina Wills Unbound 1771 - 1925:

In the name of God amen. I Frederick Geer of Wake County and State of North Carolina being in perfect mind and memory thanks be to Almighty God and calling to mind the uncertainty of this life do make and ordain this my Last Will & Testament in manor and form as follows (vez)
Item First I give and bequeath to my Son Frederick C. Geer all the Tract of Land where on I now live containing three Hundred and fifty Six? acres be the [ ] more or less.
I give the Sons of Frederick five negroes named as follows Aggey [ ], Siller & her infants Peter, Sam & Sollomon also one Feather bed & furntire and an Equal [ ] of all my property which may not be Given away to him and His Heirs forever.
Item 2 I give to my Grand Son Frederick Geer son of Jesse B. Geer one nigroe Girl Em---- to him and His hiers forever
Item 3 All the ballance of my negroes which may [ ] at my Death I wish to be Equally divided between David Geer, William Geer, Jesse B. Geer. Elizabeth Sutherland, Sarah Alston, Lucy H. Patterson, and the Lawful Heirs of Patsey Roberts.
All the remaining of my property not other wise disposed of to be Sold and Equally divided amongst my Lawful Heirs
and Lastley I do nominate and appoint my two Sons Jesse B. Geer and Frederick C. Geer to be Executors to This my last Will and Testament [ ] of the Said Frederick Geer have to this my last will and Testament set my hand & Seal this 2nd day of June 1837. Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of us by the Said Said? Frederick Geer the Tesator as his last will and Testament.
M. A. Tate, [ ?] Frederick Geer (Seal)
[ ] [ ], [ ?]

Wake Co. Wills, Inventories & Estates 1837-1845
May 18, 1840 (pp.447-449) - Jesse B. Geer and F. C. Geer made and returned an inventory of the estate of Frederick Geer.

February 1841(pp. 484-485) - Return of the Ivison of negroes belonging to the estate of Frederick Geer, dec'd (list not dated):

to J. B. Geer: Henry $600, Margaret $365; total $965; pay back $36.75
to Wm. Geer: Louisa & child $500, Thomas $250, Walker 200; total $950; pay back $21.15 to Elizabeth Southerland: Martha $625, Louisa $300; total $955; due her $3.85
to J. N. Patterson: Isaac $637, Melinda $275; total $912; due him $6.85
to David Geer: Maria $550, Amey $250, Dicey $200; total $950; pay back $21.15

Signed John Lockhart, M. A. Tate, William Nicholls, and Robt. Halliburton.

Note: This document may be incomplete, since Frederick's inventory stated that he owned 22 slaves; only 13 slaves are accounted for here.
Will of David Geer of Greene Co., GA (brother of Mary ďPollyĒ Geer mother of Ransom Erastus Geer)
from 305/94 Greene County Unbound Estate Case Files, GEER, David (begins with frame 206)

David Geer, decd Petition of Admn for Dismission, Citation ordered to issue April Term 1858, pp, 372-3, April 5m 1858. Signed Eugenius L. King, Ordinary

Greene Co., GA: To the Court Ordinary of said county: The petition of James F. Geer, Administrator upon the estate of David Geer late of said county dec'd, respectfully showeth unto said court that he has fully discharged the duties assigned to him as such Admn he prays to be discharged from the further Administration of said estate. And upon petition further showeth unto said court, that he is the sole Distributor of said Estate - that he has paid off and discharged the entire indebtedness of said deceased so that there remains now no claims whatever against said decd or against said deceased's estate. And your petitioner further showeth that in view of the fact of his being sole Distributor, your petitioner did not make Returns or disbursements as Admn as afore said but that he has paid off and discharged the entire indebtedness of said deceased or as sole distributee has gone into the possession of the remainder of the estate. Jas F Geer

Georgia, Greene County: Before me the ordinary for said county personally came James F Geer Administrator upon the estate of David Geer decd, who upon oath says that the facts set forth in the forgoing petition are true to the best of his knowledge and belief. Sworn to and subscribed before me April 2nd, 1858. Eugenius L King, Ordinary /signed/ Jas F Geer

The inventory with many household items and much farming equipment, livestock including sorrel (several) horses, mules, cows, hogs, totaling $2,158.72 1/2. The negro slaves totaled $14,200. Cash and notes totaled $656.84.
This estate administration notice for David Geer appeared in The Temperance Banner newspaper in Penfield, Georgia on November 24, 1855, December 1, 8, 15 & 22, 1855 under Legal Advertisments:

Georgia, Greene Co.,
Whereas, James F. Geer applies for Letters of Administration on the Estate of David Geer, late of said county, deceased,
These are therefore to cite and admonish the kindred and creditors of said deceased, to appear at the Court of Ordinary, to be held for said county, on the second Monday in January next, and file their objections, if any they have, to the granting of said Letters of Administration.
Given under my hand at office in Greenesboro,' this 12th day of November, 1855. 46-5t
Jas. W. Godkin, Ordinary