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Subject:Gartner, Gardner, Garner DNA PROJECT
Post Date:January 24, 2003 at 19:29:55
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Would you like to find your cousins and ancestors through the comparison of Y chromosomes?
Many of you already have compiled information about our relatives and ancestors from family members, and from sources available online, in published genealogy books, and from public records.
Another source of information is carried in the body of every male GARTNER, GARDNER, GARNER, etc - our Y chromosomes. When one man's Y chromosome matches another's,
they know they are cousins descending from a common ancestor.
To find out about our Y chromosomes, we have begun the Gardner DNA Project. We take cells painlessly from the lining of our mouths, put them in little vials, and send them to a laboratory where they assign numbers to our
"DNA markers." When all 12 of our markers match another participant's markers, we know that we descend from the same ancestor.
Every father passes on his Y chromosome to his sons.
Our surnames usually pass that way also. Our surnames and our Y chromosomes act as if they are linked since they both usually pass from father to son.
Analysis of our Y chromosomes can tell us who we are related to.
It can point out cousins we never knew we had.
It can tell us when we share an ancestor even though we were not previously aware of it.
The Gardner ancestor we share may have lived fairly recently, maybe in the past 300 or 400 years, or he may have lived centuries ago.
If you are involved in a surname project, the cost is only $101, instead of $149.
Only males with the surname Gartner, Gardner, Gardiner, Garner, (or various spellings) who descend from a father with the same surname can take the test, but women can encourage their male relatives (brothers, fathers,
cousins)to take the test, and therefore will find out their own lineage.
For more information about the project, go to the Family Tree DNA site or
the Gardner DNA site,